Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lovely Potty Training

For some reason I have had this fear ever since I became a mother....a fear of potty training. I guess the idea of potty training two boys at the same time scared me to death! :) So, I waited. I think the boys would have been ready earlier, but honestly, I was the one who stalled. And procrastinated. And stalled some more. At first it was because we were going on our big trip to Hawaii, didn't want to do it then. Then it was that I was sick with this crazy pregnancy, didn't want to do it then. Then the holidays were coming up, didn't want to do it then! Oh goodness....
Anyway, I finally realized that I couldn't wait any longer. These poor boys....what am I doing to them? :) However, in the end, I was extremely grateful that I waited. These boys were more then ready, and the transition was actually very smooth. It helped a ton that they had their special Lightening McQueen and Buzz Lightyear underwear too. They always have such a great time getting to pick out their own underwear every morning! I love it.
They are doing such a good job, and honestly after a few days, there were no more accidents and both boys got the hang of it. I love that they do everything themselves now, and are so proud of themselves when they are done. I sure have big boys!!!! I love them so much!
So proud of you D and L!!!!!