Sunday, March 20, 2011

Teage's big 33!

Catching up....
Teage's birthday was last month, the big 33 years old, and since I have still been sick (and mainly in the evenings), I asked some of his old buddies to come and kidnap him for the night. And they all were so generous and took the day to have fun with Teagers for his birthday. We even had a buddy come all the way up from Oregon. What great friends we have! They came and kidnapped him for the night, went to dinner, and just hung out and did "guy" stuff. Teage had a great time. Then some of his family came over on his actual birthday date for dinner and we had a little party here. We feel so blessed to have so much family around who love us!
Happy Birthday my love!!! I love you!
PS- You will always be two years older then me! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silly boys....

The boys have been so animated lately, it is a ton of fun. They surprise me everyday with something they have learned, or heard and are repeating. :) Dylan's favorite thing to do right now is to put his head right next to my belly and sing Skittles a song, then when he is done he will pop his little head up and ask "Is she kicking Mom?"

Lucas loves to sing at the moment and will make up songs whenever he gets a chance. Most of them don't make much sense, because he will use made up words and every once in a while stick in an "Ichiro" or "Mariners" within the song somewhere. He is SO serious about it though! He will just go on and on with "blah blah blah lalala.....Mariners!" for quite a while. I love to listen to him! If he is really concentrating on something, he won't even realize that he is singing! So adorable!

Dylan always amazes us with his phrases and little quips that come out of his mouth. Teage was asking him the other day about what Skittles will like to do when she is older, and of course Dylan said that she will like to play baseball (just like her big brothers!). Then Teage said "Well, when she plays baseball, what position will she play?" Dylan thought about it for a while and finally said "THE BASE!" We were laughing so hard!

Both boys are really into board games right now as well. There is one in particular that they got for Christmas called the LadyBug Game. In it, there is a Preying Mantis that you have to pass or you go back to the start. So the other day, Lucas was giving us one of his "shows" and I told him to finish it up because it was time for bed. So, instead of saying "goodbye everyone!" or something to that effect, he comes out with "Bug Off Mantis!!!" I was seriously dying laughing!

The other day I was trying to finish up some photos and put them on DVD when Dylan woke up from his nap. I asked him if he could just hang out with me for a minute while I finished up, so he sat patiently and waited for about 5 minutes. Then after I was done he turned to me and said "Good job Mom, you are such a hard worker!"

Boy do I love these little men!!! So thankful that they keep me smiling all the time!!! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I feel like my little boys are growing up so quickly! Every day they are doing something new, hilarious, and unexpected. Just last night they started performing "shows" right before bedtime, where they pretend to be a talk show host and interview baseball players. It is so hysterical!
This year they 'graduated' from nursery at church into what is called Sunbeams. Basically a class of 3 turning 4 year olds where they have their very own teacher, learn new songs, and have their own Sunday school lesson together. Being in Sunbeams is a big deal to these little guys because it means that they are now a part of Primary in our ward, the group of "big kids"! The boys were a bit apprehensive about the whole thing the first week, but once they saw that their teacher was someone they knew, they have been just fine every week when I drop them off. And they can't wait to show me their new art project or sing their new song when I come pick them up. I love it. I love hearing their stories and seeing the joy on their faces.
Congratulations on 'graduating' D and L! Mommy is so proud of you for being such big boys!!