Monday, February 14, 2011


Just in case anyone hasn't seen my facebook, or talked to my husband in the last little while (he is pretty excited, it is cute)......we are having a:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lights Everywhere!

My Dad's family loves Christmas lights! Every year they get more and more elaborate, have more and more sight-seers come by, and donate more and more food to the local food bank. They were beautiful this year, including a lake with a stream coming down the yard, new stand-up flowers, and candy cane lane with accompanied by motion and music.
And the grand total for food donation this year? 811 POUNDS!!! Amazing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Celebrations 2010

The boys were so excited about Christmas this year, it made it even that much more fun for me and Teage. And we are very thankful to have so many family members around, that we had many fun celebrations to attend. I hope that all of you had a fabulous Christmas as well!
On Christmas Eve morning we had Teage's side of the family over for brunch. Teage's dad ended up driving down to see his mother in Utah earlier that week, so his brother and his family came over to celebrate and open presents. We ate a ton, and opened a ton, and just had a great time watching all of the boys get excited about gifts.

Christmas Eve night, after we went to visit Santa Claus and get pictures (which turned out adorable this year!), we went over to my Mom's house to celebrate with our immediate family. My two brothers and our sister-in-law were there as well, and my Mom and Dan surprised us all with a huge crab dinner! Teage was in heaven! :) Everyone watched as the boys devoured their presents, we all ate and laughed and had a wonderful time together.

Christmas morning was fun for the four of us. We stayed home and for the first time, really had a discussion about the true meaning of Christmas, why we give gifts, etc. And the boys of course were excited about Santa Claus and his special stockings as well. We had so much fun with our little family in our PJ's, eating Swedish pancake breakfast, and playing with our new toys. I felt so special to have such a wonderful family to celebrate with.

That afternoon we went over to my Dad's house to celebrate with my immediate family over there. All of my siblings actually waited for us to arrive before opening presents (wow! :) ), so we made a huge mess as the two grandparents, five children including Teage, and two grandchildren all went wild with gifts. It was such fun chaos! The boys loved every minute of it. We stayed that day and had a wonderful lunch and watched movies, just relaxing and enjoying the family. It really was a fabulous day!

The next day was Sunday, so the boys dressed up in their best outfits and we went to church for a neat Christmas celebration. Then after church we were able to go meet the members of our extended Bailey family for a party at the community center near our home. I loved being there with all of these family members, some of which I only get to see once a year. I honestly feel so blessed to have so many family members close by, and so many that love our family and whom I love so very much. I know that I am an extremely lucky girl.