Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pic of the Day - 2

The other day sweet Lucas got to go on a donut date with Tutu for one of his prizes for being such a wonderful listener. On the way home, they passed by the grocery store where the door opened and inside were a whole bunch of fresh flowers. Lucas, on his own, said "Tutu, we need to buy some flowers for Mommy." What a sweetheart!!!! I can't believe that he would think of that all by himself! :) So, they went into the store and he handpicked some of my favorite type of flowers, just for me. I am so in love with this little man!!!

Miss you Mariners!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pic of the Day - First Try

I have been trying lately to take a few more candid pictures of my children, in their everyday environment and doing everyday things. I want to be able to remember who they were at a certain time, what they loved, and their fun little personalities. :) So, I am going to try to occasionally blog a pic of the day and explain. We will see how well I really do! :)

 Emery has been a little jealous of the boys being able to go to school everyday. :) For her first birthday, Tutu gave her her own backpack which she calls a "packpack". A few days ago the boys were so adorable with her, helping her put her packpack on and taking her hand leading her to the "school". Dylan had some chairs set up and books all ready to go. It was so adorable! He led her to the school, sat down with her and asked "Emery, are you ready?" She was all attentive and nodded at him, so he began to read her a book. I just loved watching them together. Dylan was being so sweet and patient and Emery just looked at him with her big blue adoring eyes the whole time. I love seeing my sweet children playing together and helping each other!
 When Mommy was gone for a girls night, Daddy and the boys decided to build a huge block castle. The boys had so much fun with it, making bridges and walkways for little people, and driveways and roads for cars. They were so inventive and so proud of their finished project!
 Miss Emery has been trying so hard to copy just about anything she sees anyone else doing. This was her 'putting her face in her hands' pose, that she was trying to copy from me. I was sitting in the chair opposite her. Just love this girl!!!
Playing around with Daddy last week. The boys beat him at arm wrestling every single time! What strong boys!!! :) And I just love how Emery decided to help out by sitting right on top of poor Mr. Lucas!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Go Mariners!!!

Sadly, yesterday the Mariner season came to a close. We have had some wonderful times this year with our favorite baseball team, and lots of fun memories. Just wanted to share a few of our favorites from the 2012 season. Go M's!!!
After Felix's perfect game, we just HAD to get tickets to the next home game in which he was pitching. It was a royal event, with all in attendance getting his special yellow Felix shirts, and K cards. What a sight it was!!!! We were so thankful to be there in a sea of yellow fans. The entire stadium was Felix yellow for one night, and we had an absolute blast. The boys even got up on the big screen, again! We danced and laughed and had a great time watching King Felix.

 The King himself, waving to us up in the stands!
 Sea of Yellow!

Then our wonderful friends the Jensens invited us to go to a game with them a few weeks later. These particular awesome friends have a boss with season tickets RIGHT BEHIND home plate! AMAZING!!! I have been a Mariner fan pretty much my whole life and have NEVER sat so close! I was truly awed and amazed through the entire game. The boys had a ton of fun as well and we were all so thankful to be there.

 And of course, we absolutely HAD to go to the last game of the season. We were so excited to have second row seats, though they were out past third base, they were wonderful. The game was an amazing shut out of the Angels, we beat them 12-0. AND we stayed after it was over to see if the boys could meet any of the players! The Mariners didn't seem to be in the fan mood unfortunately, like they were last year, but Michael Saunders and Casper Wells did stay out and sign autographs for quite a while. Casper was such a champ, he was honestly out there for a good 45 minutes after the game ended, signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, and just meeting people who came to cheer for him. What a stand up guy. We were so thankful too, because by the time we got over there, he was the only one left. The field manager kept trying to get him inside so they could usher all of us out of the stadium, but Casper wouldn't leave until he talked with everyone who wanted to see him. The boys waited their turn so patiently, and just before he was about to head into the dugout, he saw them both waiting there for him. He told the field supervisor to wait, came over, and signed both of the hats that the boys had with them. It was so awesome. I am really grateful for him and all of the time he took with all of us. And the boys were ecstatic!! What a neat experience!

Casper Wells home run hit!
The boys were so excited for their signatures!!!

Overall, a fantastic year for us. We had so much fun watching the M's all season and can't wait for next year!!! Love the Mariners!!!

Preschool Graduation

Unfortunately, my camera decided to quit on me just a few months ago. And I realized just a few days ago that I was missing some pictures from my old card. Oops! These were a few that I had missed.....preschool graduation! Which of course happened, oh, last June. :) 

The boys had a fabulous year of preschool. They ADORED their teacher, Miss Libby, and we were all extremely grateful for the time and effort she put in to teaching all of these little ones. The boys learned a ton throughout the year and truly enjoyed every minute of their experience. And I was so thankful for how much effort Libby put in to helping the children enjoy school itself and start getting prepared for kindergarten. What a wonderful experience it all was! There were six 4-5 year olds in their preschool class, all of which the boys knew from church, so it was a fun experience for them. I think they all had a blast! 
At the end of the year the kids put on a preschool graduation program, and it was awesome. :) They had about 10 songs memorized as well as some sections of Dr. Suess' ABC book. All of them were so excited to perform for us and they did a wonderful job! We all made a big deal out of them "graduating", had cupcakes, and hung out with the rest of their class for a while. What fun!
 We will miss Miss Libby so much!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful year Libby!!!