Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ashland Trip

 I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Ashland Oregon at the beginning of September with some amazing family, my stepmom Lisa, and my Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich. Becky and Rich have been going to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland for about 30 years now, and this year invited us to join them. What an awesome opportunity! And I absolutely loved it!!! I had never been before, so this was a little foreign to me, but I can honestly say, I am a little addicted now. :) Amazing performances (we got to see 5 shows!!!) by fantastic actors, an outdoor theater, a really interesting backstage tour, fun eclectic town and restaurants, what could be better? :) We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pic of the Day- 3

The boys participated in a Walk-A-Thon for school a few weeks ago, and had an absolute blast! Every classroom chose a theme and walks laps to raise money for their school. Here are a few pictures that I just loved while the boys were having a great time!
 Mr. L with his fabulous teacher, Mrs. West. Their class had a Cat in the Hat theme, which was so much fun for D and L.
Mr. D just took this walk by storm. He decided he was going to run just about the entire time, and had a ton of fun doing it! He would hardly look at me as he went passed because he was so focused on his running! :)

Emery and her Tutu

This time a literal tutu, as opposed to Grandma Tutu. :) I took advantage of the good weather the other day and took some adorable pictures of Miss E in her little purple tutu that we got her for her Halloween costume. They were just adorable and I had to share a few....

Big Kindergarteners!!!!

I am way behind, but I have to show everyone these adorable pictures of the boys on their first day of Kindergarten! The boys were so incredibly excited!!! It was quite a picture....I was on the verge of tears the entire morning, while the boys were bouncing off the walls with excitement! We had everything ready for about week beforehand, had their outfits picked out, backpacks packed. 
On the first morning, we took some pictures of the boys on their big day....smiles all the way. I was worried about how they would react when I dropped them off, but the minute they were in their classroom they forgot all about me and ran over to their cubbies and found their seats. I honestly had a difficult time walking out of that school without them. :( 
They are having such a wonderful year so far. Their teacher is amazing, we are extremely grateful for Mrs. West. She is kind and gentle, but also wonderful about being direct and having the kids take responsibility for themselves and follow the rules. I absolutely love her. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer in their classroom and I love being able to see them in their school environment. They are just thriving, and I am a super proud mom!!!!!! 
I love you D and L!!!!!!!

 Mr D ready to go!
 Mr L super excited!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lucas the Photographer

Here are some of Lucas' best shots....I love that they are both so excited about their photographing skills!!!

 When Miss E was really little, she was his absolute favorite thing to photograph. It was so cute to watch him take about 20 pictures of her in the same spot. He loves her so much....

And then of course his other!!! He also took many many shots of the television screen whenever a Mariner game was on.....I chose this one to show of Casper Wells. He was so excited because Casper hit a home run right after this shot was taken. :)

Dylan the Photographer

The boys have these awesome children digital cameras that Tutu gave them for Christmas a few years ago. They are at an age now where they are beginning to adore capturing pictures of what they love. It is really cute to watch. Dylan especially. When we went to the zoo the other day, he would not let that camera out of his sight, he had to capture every animal that we came across. I absolutely loved it! And bonus, I can actual download their digital files onto the computer so we can share their fabulous art! Woohoo!

 Lucas with his new little sister.....she was about 2 months old :)

Our fun at the zoo!!!!!!!!!