Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Softie and More

I love how each of my kids have their own unique personalities and favorites. Even the boys, identical twins, and whom some just assume will act the same all of the time, have their own quirks/strengths and weaknesses. I love to see their personalities come out! 
Emery right now is in love with her softie. She can not go to bed with out her four special things, her softie, her "Baba" (a little bear), her "Baby" (a little penguin), and her "Doggie Blanket" which Aunt Bonita made for her when she was a newborn. Without this combination, watch out! :) And she loves her softie so much that she tries to take it everywhere with her. I have to really crack down on softie time outside of her bed, because there have been many times when Teage and I are frantically searching the entire house before bedtime with a cranky girl upstairs!!

 And of course everything is more fun when Daddy is around! This happened randomly the other night while watching a movie and I had to capture it! I love that Lucas didn't even flinch while Emery climbed up there!!


One of the activities my children have always loved best!!! And according to Emery, it has to be done a certain way...."No Mom, you have to sit right here while I am bowling!!" or "Mom, you have to stand back here when you throw the ball like this!!" :) Always something going on in the Christensen household!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T and E Birthdays

Teage and I both had amazingly fun birthdays in February!! The kids were really sweet and wanted to make it special for us, and my mom also came up for my birthday to make it extra special as well! We all had a great time on both occasions! 
Though there were certain aspects of Teage's birthday that did not work out as planned (a pipe bursting perhaps!), we still had a wonderful day. After the pipe fiasco, we took Teage out to dinner at his favorite sushi restaurant and had donuts for dessert instead of a cake! We had also planned to decorate his car at work (something else that didn't happen because of said pipe), so we decorated his chair at home instead. Not a perfect solution, but fun none-the-less!!! 
 For my birthday the boys planned a scavenger hunt for me, which they put together all on their own. Super adorable! They had clues all throughout the house with words of the next area I had to travel to, and then had one of my favorite desserts at the end as the prize. I loved it! Then that night I got my favorites for dinner.....sushi, raspberries, and my mom's famous chocolate cake! A fabulous day!

Valentine's Concert

These adorable boys had an awesome first grade concert at school for Valentine's Day/President's Day. All of the first graders dressed up, memorized about 5 songs, and performed in front of all of us family and friends for an evening concert! It was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever seen, I was grinning the entire time!! The boys were pretty excited as well, especially since they had practiced and practiced and practiced pretty much everyday! They even had Emery singing all of their songs....pretty darn adorable! I just love how serious they are about everything they do, they are all in, and I adore them!
 The boys with their sweet friend Sydney!

And bonus, Grammy and Auntie Lindsey got to come too!!! YEAH!

First lost teeth!!

Dylan lost his FIRST TOOTH on February 28th 2014
Lucas lost his FIRST TOOTH on March 3rd 2014

Yep, only 3 days apart!! Every first milestone has been within days of each other.....I love it! :)

Dylan lost his first one while we were riding in the car on the way to chess class, and just told me calmly that it had fallen out. "Hey Mom....I just lost a tooth...." Though he was super excited once I yelled and screamed for a minute! My oldest just lost his first tooth! An amazing event! :)

Then three days later, we were eating dinner at Red Robin, examining Lucas' almost lost tooth. He didn't want me to pull on it, so I left it alone. Just a few minutes later, I asked him to show me one more time, and it was already gone! Oops, he had swallowed his first tooth!!! At first he was pretty upset because he couldn't put it under his pillow, but after I explained to him that the tooth fairy always knows when a tooth is lost, whether it is there or not, he felt better. And of course he wrote a note explaining exactly what he wanted. :) Just like him!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh this girl....

Today while I was trying to put Emery down for a "nap" she said to me...
"Mom, I want you to go downstairs and pay some bills"
"Mom, go downstairs so you can't hear me get out of my bed and play, and definitely NOT take a nap!" :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014