Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Why is it always the hardest thing in the world to take your own family pictures?? :) Oh boy....just picture tripod, mud, almost pouring rain, and hungry kiddos. Yikes!
Well, a few turned out ok, but honestly, this was definitely not the best photo shoot of my life!! :)
Love my crazy fun little family!

My Chess Champions

The boys competed in their first chess tournament last month, and had a blast! Both of them were so apprehensive at first, not really knowing what to expect. They weren't even sure they were going to go at all until their Uncle David convinced them they needed to try! They pretty much think that their Uncle David is a rock star chess player! :)

I stayed with them while they played their four rounds, and wasn't at all sure how they stood with the other players. I tried to prepare them beforehand and told them that if they didn't win a single round, I would still be so proud that they tried their hardest. They were not quite sure where they stood either by the end of the day, so I was completely surprised when they were calling out the achievement awards and trophies. I kept thinking that they would be called next, well....maybe next, about next? until they were the last ones left! My buddies got FIRST AND SECOND PLACE IN THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT!!!! I was shocked, thrilled, and so happy for them! They were beaming the whole time, and I could not have been more proud!!!!! And not just because of how well they did in the tournament, but also because of how they acted. They were so respectful of the other players as well as the coaches, and I am so blessed always to be their Mom!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Class of Distinction!!

So proud of my little buddies!! Their first grade class received an award at school for being the Class of Distinction this month!!!! Their teacher, Mrs Caires, has NEVER received this award in all of her more then 20 years of teaching, so this is pretty special! A class receives this award if they are seen around the school, exemplifying wonderful traits such as being responsible, respectful, honest, etc. Mrs Kramer, their principal, said that she consistently sees the boys' class helping other students, picking up garbage at lunchtime, being very respectful to their specialist teachers, etc. 
I could not be more proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job D and L!!!!!! I love you to the MOON AND BACK!


Of course, Halloween is one of my kiddos very favorite holidays! The boys had their costumes picked out for about two months prior, and pretty much made Miss E play along with their superhero theme. :) When first discussing their costume ideas this year, the boys could not decide WHICH superhero they really wanted to portray, but they definitely had to be one of them!! :) While at Costco, they finally decided they had to be the Hulk, BOTH of them! I try very hard to let my boys choose what they would really like, instead of forcing my own ideas on them, so if they want to be the exact same superhero, more power to them!!! And poor Miss Emery just had to go along with it, so in the end, I let her pick out which princess dress she wanted to wear and we put a cape on her so she was SUPERGIRL! Which she kept calling out over and over again while running around the house...."supa-giwal!"
The kiddos had a chance to go to a Halloween party at church, as well as go tick-or-treating with a whole bunch of their school buddies. And it didn't even rain (amazing in Seattle!). We had dinner that night with our buddies the Congers, and then went out around the neighborhood collecting a ton of candy. Emery was lagging behind a little, so her and I just walked together for a while at our own pace. She was hilarious the first house she was extremely timid, but once she realized what they were giving her, she kept asking me over and over "Mom....we go next one??" "We go next one...I knock on door??" So adorable!!! 
I love all of the ages my kiddos are in right now. The boys are growing up so quickly, but are still having fun and being sweet, and Emery is just so hilarious all the time. I am just trying to soak it all in!

 Teage and I were actually able to go to a grown-up Halloween party as well (that hasn't happened in a LONG time!) :) We did not have a costume planned, so at the last minute we put together a Superman and Lois Lane!! It was actually pretty fun to do, we had a blast!!! And of course Teage had so much fun with it....he was the perfect Superman!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge!

I have been waiting forever for a Groupon to come up for Great Wolf, and a few months ago, it finally arrived! :) So, we took advantage of it right away and decided to take Tutu and Dale with us for an end of the summer trip before they left us for sunnier skies! And double bonus, we also got to go with some of our best buddies, the Congers!!!! How fun is that????
The kids had so much fun! I couldn't believe how brave the boys were on all of the long tube slides, and trying new things all day. I was thoroughly impressed!! Lucas loved the double tube slide the best, but refused to go down the "family" slide where four or five people can be together. :) Dylan did everything possible for his age, but didn't so much like the family ride either. :) And I have to say, the second family ride, the CRAZY one scared the wits out of me too!!!!
Emery really did great. I was a bit worried about her being sacred, or just plain too tired, but she was such a trooper! She went down all of the little kid slides, at first with me, and then on her own....over and over again! She was laughing hysterically and having so much fun. 
In the evening Great Wolf has a kid show and story time which the boys adored, and all of them got to do balloon animals and a fun dinner as well. We really did have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!