Monday, August 5, 2013

My Hilarious Buddies

Dylan- "THAT was an awesome play by ME!!!!!"

Dylan- "So...since the earth is in outer space, are WE in outer space?" and "Who ARE the oldest people?"
Me- "Well, who were the first people on earth?"
Dylan- "Adam and Eve!!"
Lucas- "Do they have the same birthday?? Because they weren't really BORN like everyone else...hmmmm....."

Lucas- "We learned what a CONCOCTION is today! WOW!"

Dylan- talking to Emery while they were playing in the kitchen, "Sorry Emery, we are closed for business!!!"

Lucas- singing a song he made up: "In my life all I love is to play baseball! But what if it's raining or pouring or snowing......Oh Oh!?"

Lucas- Reading a cursive Mother's Day card that said "True Blessing" but Lucas read it as June Blemming....."Mom, why would you be a June Blemming????" :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Day of School

 Mr Lucas with their amazing teacher, Mrs West. What an absolute gem!!!!!
 Mr. Dylan with Mrs. West!
 Good buddies....Lucas, Syd, Mrs West, and Ava

The last day of kindergarten was an amazingly fun one! The kids performed a program for all of us parents, we had treats and photos, and the kids all received a diploma for graduation! It was such a fun day, and the boys had an absolute blast! They were smiling all day long!

 Tutu and Dale were able to come for graduation as well and the boys were so thankful to have them there!
The amazing Mrs West. The boys had so much fun with her this year, and all of us were incredibly grateful for all of her hard work and effort for our children. She is truly an example of selflessness and charity.