Monday, February 27, 2012

Emery is 7 months!

On Jan 8th, Miss E turned 7 months old. This hilarious, loves to laugh kind of gal is such a blessing in our family! All of us just adore her, and she somehow is getting cuter by the day.

At 7 months her favorites are:

Her Mommy

WATER!!!! Sippy cup, Mommy's cup, it doesn't matter....

Screaming and yelling with glee (she LOVES to scream! It is pretty hilarious actually. She screams when someone is playing with her, when someone is tickling her, when brothers are being silly or just playing something on their own, when Daddy comes home, whenever she has the opportunity!)

Chewing on just about everything

Playing peek-a-boo with her brothers

Scooting around on her tummy and turning herself around in circles (she thinks she's crawling, pretty adorable)

Daddy coming home in the evening....she always has a huge smile for him when he walks in the door.

Miss E is definitely becoming a huge Mommy's girl. I am so thankful that I can soothe and calm her like no one else. Honestly, there are times when I wish I could have someone else hold her for two seconds so I can accomplish something, but I wouldn't change it for the world. At night when I put her to bed and she cuddles up with me, bink in her mouth and holding her softie, those are the most precious moments. We sit and rock, I sing her her favorite songs (Gonna make a pie, and We Thank God for this Day), and she just settles in calmly. I love those moments so much, and honestly cherish them every day.

I don't think you can see it well, but her shirt says "100% Mommy's Girl" (oops...I accidently wrote 'gift' instead of 'girl' at first, but that would work too :) )

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The "Blackout"

Oh wonderful snow....

Many people in our area crave the snow every year. Me....not so much. I just don't like the snow, at all. Well, maybe for five minutes watching my kiddos play and have fun, but after that, it can go away and not come back. :)

This year the weather decided to give me a super big treat and have a full on blizzard for a week, including a power outage that lasted days. Yes, I am being a whiner and complaining. :) Honestly, the first day was fun. The boys had a blast building a huge snow fort with Daddy, the power was on so I could still do laundry and make dinner, etc. We had fun that day. Then, the lights went out. Again, trying to make the best of it, we made a huge fort around the fireplace, played a ton of games, and all slept in the living room that night. Miss E even did fine in her port-a-crib for the night. Then after about 24 hours I was done. I was especially worried about Emery being cold and not being able to nap, etc, so we went over to my wonderful stepmom's house for the rest of the blizzard days. Thankfully she did have power, and was willing to have company for a little while.....what a blessing!!! We waited out the rest of the craziness over there and had fun having a slumber party with Grammy. What a good sport she was! :) At least the boys thought the whole thing was a big adventure....that is the most important part, right? :)

All the boys making their snow fort and having a fabulous time!

With our beautiful neighbors outside the finished fort

All of the amazing snow and of the most I have seen around here

Our fun fort in front of the fire

E's First Snow

Little did we know that this little dusting would turn into such a storm :), but at the time we were excited for Little Miss E to experience her first snow. She didn't really know what to think of the whole thing honestly, but as always she was up for anything and had a sunny disposition the whole time.

Been Thinking

Been thinking a lot about Dad the past few weeks. Sunday marked him being gone for 3 months, but it seems like an eternity. I love this picture of him and the boys....they were only a month or two old and Dad was such a proud Grandpa. Once they got older they called him "Papa". Every now and then one of the boys will look up at me and say "Mom....Papa is watching over me." And I assure them that he sure is.