Monday, August 29, 2011

Me and E

I NEVER thought that I would have a little one that looks like me! Teage's genes are very strong after all....that Polynesian blood! :) BUT, then all of a sudden, Miss Emery was born! And she looks just like me! Woohoo! :) I was actually very surprised! It is a little eerie actually....we look so much alike as babies, I just had a little more frizzy hair and she is a tiny bit darker. What do you think??

Me as a baby (above)....

Miss Emery as a baby....

Ichiro is Retired

Well....not the REAL Ichiro of course. But, the boys #51 Ichiro t-shirt. The boys have faught over this shirt since we first purchased it at Goodwill about 6 months ago. Each wanted to wear it just about everyday, and when they couldn't find it they would pester me incessantly about when it was going to come out of the wash. :) They wore the shirt so much that it was developing holes. It was also getting way too small for them, but they insisted on wearing it anyway. So, a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time for Ichiro to retire. I told them what I was doing and put it away. They were a little crushed, but fortunately Daddy saved the day. That week he found yet another Ichiro shirt at Goodwill, and the world makes sense again. :)

2 months old

Miss Emery turned two months old a few weeks ago. And unforunately things have been so busy that I haven't even been able to blog about it! She is adorable as ever, smiling and "talking" a ton for the favoriate people in her life.
At her 2 month appointment (which was actually at 7 weeks) she was 10 pounds and 11oz and 21" tall. She looked like the perfect little baby, a picture of health. Then she got three shots....ouch! The poor thing screamed harder then I have ever heard her and finally just fell asleep while I was holding her because she was so exhausted. It was also really difficult because the boys got 4 shots as well, so EVERYONE, including me and Tutu were crying! :)
Little Miss Emery was a fantastic and relatively "easy" baby for the first 7 and a half weeks of life. She slept really well, even giving us 5 hour stretches at night, she only cried when she was hungry, etc. Then all of a sudden at 8 weeks, the tides turned. :) Poor little girl was never happy. She was crying from about noon until 10pm, and I couldn't consol her. She wouldn't eat well, had a hard time sleeping unless she was laying on my chest, and just wasn't happy. I was devestated. I didn't know what was going on with my sweet little girl and I felt so helpless that I could hardly help her.
Then I talked to a few friends and did some research and the conclusion that I came to was that she had some acid reflux issues. She wasn't spitting up all the time, but that doesn't always indicate reflux. She was not eating well, like it hurt to eat. She would scream every time she was layed on her back...I even had trouble changing her diaper at times. She wouldn't sleep bc she was hungry, but wouldn't eat bc it hurt, so by the end of the day she was screaming like none other because she was completely overtired. I finally made an appointment with the doctor, and after two appointments, finally convinced someone to let me try the reflux medication. And after only a day I noticed an improvement. She was still having a hard time and not back to her normal self, but she was eating better and seemed happier. She is still having a difficult time sleeping, but we are trying to deal with that aspect and just make sure that she is as comfortable as possible.
We love this little girl so much and are so thankful for her in our lives! The boys just adore her, give her kisses constantly and talk baby talk to her as well. It is pretty darn cute. Dylan loves to call her "Little Missy" and Lucas says "Missypoo"....hilarious! I am completely exhausted, but I love my little family so much!