Monday, October 28, 2013


Every year the boys' school has a big fundraiser that they call the Walk-A-Thon. They ask kiddos to gather money to go toward something big at the school and then they dress up crazy and walk/run as many times as they can around the school yard, getting prizes along the way. The boys absolutely love it. It is running with their friends, laughing, and getting cool stuff, how could you not? 
I am so thankful for their first grade teacher, Mrs. Caires, and the class that the boys are involved in this year. They really have some amazing students and adults around them constantly, and I am grateful for all that they are learning. This year the first graders have been split into groups according to reading level, and are being challenged in that area, which the boys have absolutely loved. Their "power-up" teacher for reading is also amazing, and I feel so blessed that they are in good hands all day long with both of their teachers!
Some pictures from the fun walk-a-thon the other day!

 And they're off!!!!!
 Their sweet teacher, Mrs Caires, ran pretty much the WHOLE hour!!! She is so awesome!

Cell Phone Pics Revisited

We just recently upgraded our cell phones, and I am sorry to say that it took a while for me to figure out how to get these pictures off of my old one and get it on the blog (Thanks Dale!)! :) So, here they are. Ranging from 2011 to 2013....I love going through all of our old memories and moments. Love this family!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 My sweet baby girl....when she really was a baby! :) 

 Tutu took the boys to see a play a while back "Frog and Toad", which is one of their all time favorite books. They had a blast!
 My favorite little outfit on Ms E!!! And fun at the park!
 Visiting Papa for his birthday last year. His favorite color is yellow and we happened to find these bright amazing flowers just for him on his special day. We miss you Dad!
 The boys at their first kindergarten field trip! Pumpkin patch with the class!

Of course had to have some more Hawaii shots in there from last Christmas. We had the greatest time!

Miss E with one of her Grandma-Grandma's on her birthday!
 My best buddy Karine and I at the Carrie Underwood concert last April!!!!!! One of the greatest days ever!!!!!!!!

 D and L with their kindergarten class at the Point Defiance Zoo, and with their amazing teacher Mrs. West below.
 Of course some Mariner pics
 Right after we bought our van!!!
 My very first paddle boarding experience! My good buddies and I....we had a fabulous time!

 Tawna's family coming to visit during the summer, and meeting Mike Zunino of the Mariners!!!!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Miss E's Photo Shoot

On one of the last days of sunshine, I put this adorable little outfit on Miss E and told her we had to go out and do a photo shoot. She wasn't super excited about it, and this was pretty much all I could get out of her, but they still turned out pretty cute. I wanted to make sure to capture this adorable face and outfit while I could, she is getting big too fast! Just yesterday she was telling me "Mommy, my knees hurt!" She is growing all right!! Love this spunky little Miss!!!
Of course she still wants to do everything herself....I guess that is a given! And she is singing ALL the time! Whenever she doesn't want to sleep, she sits up in her crib and sings to her stuffed animals. She is amazing with song! She knows so many by heart already...."Think of Me Everyday", "We Thank God for This Day", "You are My Sunshine", "Families are Forever", "I am a Child of God" and so many more!

 My BIG GIRL!!!!!!!!