Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Sprout

Miss Emery has been growing like a weed lately! She is talking like crazy, saying "drop" "top" "sip" "zip" and any more "ops and ips" she can think of. :) She is practically running after her brothers and screams and yells when someone chases her. She loves the outdoors and tries to keep up with all of the baseball, running, jumping, playing tag that is happening around here! 
And now she finally has some hair coming in! All of a sudden it started growing like crazy, now finally to the point where I can do something with it! Woohoo! Now all I need to do is learn how to do little girls' hair! :)
The first SPROUT! Yeah!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 One of our best little friends, Madison, was just baptized a few weeks ago. And I was so thankful to be able to take a few pictures of her in her baptism dress beforehand. We had so much fun, and by the end Emery wanted to get in on it too. She was walking around with Maddie like they were best buds. By the end of the day Madison walked up to me and said "Emery and I are going to be BFF's, just like you and Mama are BFF's!!!" Melt my heart why don't you!!!?? :)
 Here are some of the shots of the BFF's, and the lovely girls on their own as well. They are both so beautiful!!
Madison at 8 yrs and Emery at 13 months

Water Baby

This girl loves anything that has to do with water. Drinking it, bathing in it, watching it in a fountain, going to the pool or lake, it doesn't really matter. She is obsessed. If we ever even mention the word "bath" or "shower" she will start running toward the stairs, trying to rip her clothes off at the same time. It is hilarious! I love that about her though, this girl definitely knows what she wants. :) Here is one of my favorites in her little swimsuit. Our little Hawaiian water baby!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ocean Shores

After some of the craziness of moving, we decided to take our kiddos and go on a beach trip just the five of us. We had not been able to do that with only our immediate family since Emery was born, so we were really excited about it. We ventured to Ocean Shores for the weekend without any real firm plans at all, kind of fabulous! We hung out on the beach, went out to dinner, played mini golf and some games, and had a ton of fun together. It really was amazing to be there together and just have some quality time, not having to worry about anything else. The kids were great in the car, though Emery had some difficulty sleeping in the hotel, but it didn't really matter. We had a great time anyway. :)
 Emery wasn't so sure about the sand, and the day was a bit rainy, so she wasn't loving the beach so much. But the boys didn't really care. They had fun building forts with tree branches, tried to do build sand castles, and had a ton of fun no matter what they were doing! It was great!

I love my sweet family! I am such a lucky girl!!!!

Our New Home!!!

One of the reasons it has taken me forever and a day to write is that we moved into our new home just a month or two ago. We are still getting settled, unpacking the last of the boxes, figuring out where to hang pictures on the wall, etc. I am the type of person that tends to get a bit (ok, a lot!) anxious when there is clutter all over the house, so I have been trying to work feverishly to get it all done. :) We are thankful to have my mom with us now as well, living in the basement apartment, and we are super excited about it! She is now pretty settled too! Now that we have been in the house for a while, and school has just started, I feel like I can finally breathe a little again, and hopefully get caught up! :) 
Before we left our beautiful house, we took some pictures of our family in front of the For Sale sign, in order to preserve all of our wonderful memories there. We truly love our home and are sad to leave it, but are also excited about this new adventure! Every time we drive by we blow kisses and "tell" the house we miss it! We have so many wonderful memories there, especially bringing all of our children home from the hospital to that home. We love you 6401 Douglas!!!!!!

 Our new home:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of TBall

The boys had so much fun during their tball season this year. Their coach was amazing, their teammates were awesome, and every game was so much fun for them! After their last game they had a little medal ceremony and received awards from their coach. They felt so special. I was very thankful for all of the amazing comments from Coach Bill, as well as the love they felt from their team. What a fun season! They can hardly wait for next year!!!
 Dylan receiving his award from Coach Bill
 Lucas getting his high five and award
 Our amazing Coach Bill! Thanks for a fabulous season!!!!!!

San Fran

I had the amazing opportunity of going to San Francisco a few months ago to attend my uncle's wedding. I was so thankful to be there and had an amazing time. We were going to try to bring the whole family, and unfortunately it ended up not working out, so I was able to go for a fun trip just me and my extended family! I missed my hubby and kiddos dearly, but I have to admit that it was a ton of fun. I had never been to San Francisco before, it was a beautiful sunny weekend, and we got to celebrate with two lovebirds in a beautiful setting! 
After the beautiful wedding and fun reception, I went with my family to tour San Fran. What fun we had! In just about 24 hours we were able to see the Coit Tower, the zigzag road, the farmer's market and view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and also went on a tour of Alcatraz. It was amazing!!!! So much fun!
 Grandma and Grandpa Pfeifer, mother and father of the groom!
 The beautiful couple!!!
 Me and Uncle Kurt

I think my favorite part, besides the wedding, was Alcatraz. I had never been there before, and of course, heard all of the stories. It was honestly pretty intense and sometimes emotional, going through the cells that were used for some notorious prisoners, hearing stories of day to day in the jail as well as escape attempts. I loved having access and hearing all of the history, it truly was amazing.
Overall, a fabulous trip and I was so thankful to be there with family. We had so much fun together!!!

Emery's 1st Birthday

Our little Miss Emery turned one year old in June. What a milestone! I feel like this year has gone by so incredibly fast, I don't know where the time has gone! Miss E has been such a light in all of our lives and we are thankful to have her in our family. What a joy she is! She is hilariously funny, has such a strong personality, and loves to play and keep up with her brothers.
We had the house all packed up and ready to move for her birthday, so we just did a little party with close family, let her eat some cake, and called it good. I hope when she looks back she isn't disappointed....but unfortunately we couldn't do much else at the time. :) She seemed to enjoy the cake though!! I made a Minnie Mouse cake for her, and cupcakes for others, and let her go at it. She was a little confused at first, but then went to town on that cake! It was adorable. She ended up laughing the whole time and occasionally looking at me like "am I really allowed to do this mom?" It was pretty adorable. A few presents, some yummy cake, and lots of laughs....it ended up as a great day. 
At her first birthday she was busy charming everyone around her, yet still very Mommy oriented. Emery loves to play outside, try to run after her brothers, eat all by herself with her hands, go up and down the stairs over and over again, and read books. She loves to pick out a book, walk backwards and flop herself down in someone's lap, and start turning pages furiously. Pretty darn cute. :) We love this little girl!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Miss E!!! We love you!!!!!!

 Miss E playing with Grammy!
 Tutu and Miss E

 I am loving this cake!!! Yeah for sugar!
A new Mariner shirt for the season! YEAH!

So behind!!

I know, everyone has been missing us! :) Life has been so hectic lately that I haven't had time to sit down and write in a long long time! It stresses me out a bit to be so behind, but I am now going to attempt to get caught up......we shall see!!! Let the blogging begin!