Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poor Uncle David!!

The kids absolutely love it when Uncle David comes around....though I am not sure Uncle David is such a fan by the time he leaves! This is pretty much what happens the entire time!! :) Thanks for  being such a great sport Uncle David, the kiddos love you!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Preschool Christmas party!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has taken a really long time, but I finally uploaded all of the Christmas pictures! :) The adorable preschool kids came over and had a little party with crafts, games, and a few little presents! These kids are so adorable, I have been very grateful to help teach them this year!

Texas, Part 3

The last few days of our trip was all about CHRISTMAS! The day before Christmas Eve was our Santa day....which turned out to be a really really long line, with an even longer line to pick up the pictures. Thankfully we had multiple adults with us, so we could take turns and entertain the kiddos while we waited. I was so proud of them too! I had to prep Miss E the whole time, but she went up there, sat on Santa's lap, gave me a small smile, and then hopped off without so much as a complaint! LOVE this girl!!!!! 

That day was followed by a fun time at the park, checking out a few thrift stores (one of our family's favorites), and eating at Pesos for dinner (for about the 4th time that week!)!! And of course ended with our nightly Knock games....what a great day!
 Christmas Eve was so much fun! Samantha and Aaron and their kids, along with Brian and Jamie and their kids, all came over for some yummy dinner, presents, crafts, and goodies. We took pictures, opened presents, laughed with the kids, played games, and all had so much fun together! It truly felt like we had been family for years, and I was so grateful that Dale's family all welcomed us with open arms! Our family even all got their very own Texas A and M shirts to take home to Washington to show the Texas pride! :)
That night we all went to Christmas Eve service together and celebrated the Savior's life and mission. What a beautiful day!

 Christmas Day was spent at Dale's sister and brother-in-law's home, where the kids bounced and jumped and laughed their way through the day. Bouncy house, football in the yard, chickens and goats, etc! What could be better on Christmas? :) The house was filled to the brim with family, presents, wrapping paper, tape, and FOOD! 

We had a wonderful week in Texas! Warm weather, fun and family, bowling, baseball, presents, and Santa! We all loved it! The kids are already asking to go back!!! We even had a few inside jokes by the end......right "Darrell"?? :)

Texas Part 2

On the fourth day of our trip we were able to spend the day in College Station with Brian, Jamie, Cade, and Marshall. What a fun family they are!!! We had a wonderful time! The boys played outside all day long, playing football, basketball, and just about any other "ball" sport they could think of! We also were introduced to the art of "Punkin' Chunkin' ".....a Cannon favorite! Basically you put a small pumpkin in a large slingshot and pull back as far as you possibly can....then, LET IT FLY! Oh my goodness, the kids thought it was the most amazing tradition in the whole world!!! Even the parents got into it, and almost knocked Jamie off her feet!
We also were able to tour around the Texas A and M campus for a bit, which the kids loved. We saw the brand new baseball stadium and heard Cade telling us all about the campus and how he would one day be walking those halls! It was adorable! Thank you to the Cannon family for showing us such a wonderful time!

 The next day was the only day that was really rainy while we were there. Though still warm, which of course we loved. And since we are from Seattle, we didn't truly care about the rain! We went bowling that day to stay a little dry and the kids had so much fun giving high fives and trying their hardest to knock down a few pins. :) I loved seeing them in their adorable little bowling shoes! And after a fun day of bowling and a great lunch at the lovely Olive Garden, we went back to Tutu and Dale's home for some naps and a little muddy kickball! Of course, a favorite with the boys!!!!!! I stayed inside with Miss E while she slept (yep, I am a wimp), and the boys plus Tutu all went out and got muddy and slimy and gross! But had a TON of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The next day was really relaxing with fun and family. Finished some puzzles, played games, watched movies, hung out with new cousins, and watched the Seahawks kick some booty. We also got to see a wonderful Christmas play given by the kids from Samantha and Aaron's church, including our new cousin Brett. He did a fabulous job and we were all so proud of him singing and dancing his heart out!