Monday, January 18, 2016


I think I have the most adorable children in the entire universe! :)
We have had some major shifts in weather this last year. Amazing sunny summer days, fun fall leaves, and even a little snow this winter! Here are just some fun pictures from the last quarter of the year. I love having fun with these kiddos and seeing the world through their eyes!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015

This year we went over to Uncle Kurt and Aunt Kristen's house for a wonderful meal and fun with family, and Papa Christensen even got to come with us! We loved spending some time with sweet Calla as well, I just adore her!

This year was busy but lots of fun! We played a lot beforehand, looking at lights, going to the Woodland Park Zoo with Grammy and seeing the Zoolights, went to Grandma Bailey's bazaar where she was selling her handmade purses (she is amazing!), went to Lindsay Clark's baby shower (YEAH!!), and of course had to go see Santa! The boys had a 3rd grade concert as well where they sang holiday songs and it was adorable!
Christmas Eve we went over to Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich's house and had a wonderful meal and opened presents with the Pfeifer family....and then Christmas Day was spent with our little family in the morning and over at Grammy's house that afternoon. So much fun and family everywhere, we are so blessed!


And then Seattle and the aquarium with Auntie Linds and Uncle Tom over break!

Star Wars!

Thankfully my husband knows what a nerd I am when it comes to movies! Especially iconic ones that have been around a while! So when he called me one day and said that his office just purchased Star Wars tickets for all of us for opening night, he knew he was hitting a home run with his wife!!! And it was AMAZING! 

We even had to find special shirts for the occasion! :) And I love that Teagers will be silly with me!

Random Fun"ness" from 2015

Random fun of 2015!!!

Our buddy Jason Vorva came to visit before heading to Austrailia!

Seahawk Party with the Congers!

Valentines party with our buddies!

I Fly with my hubby!!! This was amazingly fun (and I was good at it!)

Kid Friends and park time!

Mariner parties!

Teage installed a new wall for me in the living room!
Swim lessons, basketball camps, and trampoline jumping!

Experiments at the Childrens Museum!

Movie with Linds!

Teage forever sleeping in the car!

Friends and fun!

And animals of course....