Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cousins Visit!

Brett, Beth, and family came to visit last week! The cousins picked up right where they left off!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay is MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My best friend just got MARRIED!!!!! 
I had WAY too much fun with her bridal showers, bachelorette party, and wedding day! I was so excited that I think I went a little crazy honestly! But it was all amazing and I am so thrilled that she found someone that compliments her so fabulously. Congratulations Lindsay and Jeff!!!!
Bridal shower fun:
Bachelorette party was a fun-filled weekend in Leavenworth, one of Lindsay's favorite get-a-ways. We stayed up too late, ate way too much food, laughed a lot, window shopped, and walked around what felt like the entire town. They were having a festival at the time, so we also got to watch a fun parade, marching bands, and drill teams dancing down the street. Overall, we had a fabulous time!

The wedding day was gorgeous, and everything went off without a hitch (well, not a big one anyway!). I was able to spend the night with Lindsay and her sister the night before, so I could be with her in the morning while she got ready. Then I met my family at the venue and got them ready to walk down the aisle as well. The boys were Lindsay's ring bearers and I was able to be one of her bridesmaids. We all had so much fun! Lindsay was beautiful and looked so happy all day long. I almost lost it when she started walking down the aisle with both of her parents, one on each arm. I couldn't believe this day had finally come! The ceremony was perfect, the dancing was super fun, the toasts were emotional, and the cake was fabulous! We had a great night!!!!!!!!

Cystic Fibrosis Gala

Teage and I look forward to this event every year! The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation puts on a huge gala every year to raise money for the research and cure of CF. It truly is an amazing gala, and usually raises around a million dollars every year. We love the opportunity to get all dressed up, have a nice dinner, and help people spend money towards a great cause!
Doesn't my husband look handsome??


The kids had so much fun during Halloween this year! They knew what they would like to be for about three months before October even began, and they were pretty darn excited about it!
This year I had two Hulks and one mighty cute Minion! 
The boys had a really fun party at school, which Emery attended as well and fit right in. We also had our annual pizza dinner and trick or treating with our friends the Congers. These kids always have so much fun together....and this year the older ones wanted to stay out for more candy for hours!

Marching Band!!!

I had the amazing opportunity to go back to my old high school again this year to help during the Marching Band season. And I LOVED every minute! I am such a nerd, but honestly, I love band, I love high school, and I love marching! It is made for me! :)
I was so thankful that Ted (Mr C) and Jim (Mr Rice) wanted me back this year to help. I was able to be on the field helping the kids with marching techniques and drills, and also with the administration part of things. I had SO much fun!!!!!

And there I am on the field during a football game, right before the half time show is about to begin! :)

Second Grade

These kiddos are having so much fun in second grade this year!! And Ms Barry is amazing!!!

Disney on Ice and DINOSAURS!

Our sweet friend Mel have given us some amazing tickets in the past! The most recent, Disney On Ice and Walking with Dinosuars!!! The kids had an amazing time!!!!!!! And Emery couldn't get enough of Minnie and Mickey skating on ice the whole time!

Brian Regan Live!

Teage and I got to go on a quadruple date a few weeks ago, which was fabulous!! We went to see Brian Regan, the amazing comedian, LIVE. It was just as fun as it sounds. Honestly, it was hilarious! I had never heard much from him before, but the couples that we went with absolutely love him, and it was great to be there with true fans! And a night out with buddies is always a plus!

Let's Run!!

Our whole family had some fun opportunities to be involved in some fun runs this summer! Teage finished his first half marathon in May, and did a fabulous job. And then in August the boys and I did the Railroad Days run in Snoqualmie, which was really fun! I challenged my family history group to do the 5K with me, and the boys rocked the 1K kids run! 
When the boys woke up that morning they were not super excited about doing the run that day, but I convinced them to come anyway, and they ended up being amazing!! :) Right when the boys realized that this was actually a race and they could beat people, oh boy did their instincts kick in!! The minute that "GO" was shouted, they were off! Both of them were at the front of the pack the entire time, and were super excited when they saw the finish line in their sights. Poor Dylan had a side ache about half way through, but when Teage yelled to him that he was in fourth place, he picked it up anyway and ran hard! Lucas ended up in first place out of all the kiddos (3-9 years old), and Dylan ended in fourth! They were so thrilled!!! They even got a metal and proudly wore it the rest of the day!

I ran with my buddies in the 5K and we had a great time as well! All of us ended up finishing, even though some hadn't run more then a mile in a few years! And we got some great sweaty pictures of us afterwards which made it all worth it! :)

 The boys and I also got to go on another really fun run in October, the COLOR RUN!
I had done the Tacoma Color Run a year ago, and Dylan told me that he was upset that he didn't get to do that one with me. So, the first one that I saw nearby, we jumped on it. And we had a fabulous time! Lucas wasn't so sure about running through the color areas at first, but once he did one and realized that it wasn't going to get in his eyes, he was all in! We had so much fun running together and getting MESSY!!!!

The Many Faces of Miss E

Love how much spirit and personality this girl has!!! Always keeping us on our toes!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

1st Day of School

Yes, I am 3 months behind, but the kids are just as cute now as they were on the first day of school!!
Dylan and Lucas on their first day of 2nd grade!!!! Ms. Barry's class at Snoqualmie Elem. They were so psyched about second grade!!!!!!!!!!!

 And Miss Emery on her first day of preschool! Mrs Hammer at her home....she was a little scared, but so excited at the same time! And of course she had to have her picture taken just like her brothers! :)