Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Christmas outfits for 2012! I just think my kiddos are SO adorable!!!!! :)
Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

Pic of the Day- Dec 2012

The boys have been SO much fun lately! I just have been feeling extremely blessed and thankful to have such amazing children, and have the opportunity to be their mother. I am a lucky lucky girl, let me tell you!!! And I have felt it really keenly lately. 

The boys are always having fun making up games, playing sports, reading and writing. They are really embracing life and learning right now, and I love it. Lately they have wanted to write on everything! Write notes to friends and family, write their names in all of their belongings, and just about anything else they can get their hands on. Teage brought these huge balloons home the other day from work, and the boys immediately decided they needed to write their names and information right on the balloon. It turned out adorable and I had to share. This is Dylan's balloon. He has written..."Dylan's balloon. My brother is Lucas, my baby sister is Emery, my mom is Erin and my Daddy is Teage" So cute!! :)

The boys were also invited to a good friend's birthday party the other day at Build-A-Bear workshop. Their sweet friend Sydney is adorable, and the three of them are very close. They were thrilled to be able to go with her and all of them had a blast! Since then, the boys have not put their bears down!!! They both got to make Mariner bears....Lucas named his Christmas Tree, and Dylan named his Mariner Bear but now calls him Babwa.....haha. They are so adorable!!!!!!!! I just love my family!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

A copy of our Christmas card for this year:

To our wonderful friends and family,

Merry Christmas!!!!

We want to thank you all for your love and support throughout 2012. It has definitely been a big year for our family, ups and downs, ins and outs. But through it all, we are extremely grateful that we have each other, our fabulous extended family, and our friends near and far. We love you all!!

In June we moved our family into a new home, just down the street from our old one! We love our new home and are excited to have my Mom, or “Tutu” with us in a basement apartment!

Mr. Teaggers had a rough beginning to the year. While playing basketball with some buddies, he ran into someone accidently and ended up coming down wrong on his leg. Long story short, he tore his ACL, and both of his meniscus’ (menisci??) J  in his left knee. Ouch! He had some major surgery in March, and had to lay low for quite a while, which is definitely not in his nature.  By summer time, he was back to the gym for his daily workouts and stress relief and thankfully is now almost back to his former weight-lifting self. J Right now he is busy working hard for his family at Quadrant Homes, serving members of our ward as Elders Quorum President, and hanging out being a fabulous Daddy to his kiddos.

I have had a busy year raising our 3 beautiful children, trying to clean and organize our new home, serving as a Sunday School teacher to the 16-17 year olds at church, taking a ton of pictures for friends and family, and playing with my beautiful family. J I did have the amazing opportunity for a few weekend get-aways with buddies this year, which was extremely special for me. I got to go to Seaside for some beach time, San Fransisco for a wedding, and to Ashland Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival! Fun for Mommy!

Dylan and Lucas turned 5 years old in June and started Kindergarten in September (with their Mommy crying in the corner of course!) They have an amazing teacher and are having the time of their lives learning something new every day, making friends, and going to PE. J In April they began their first year of Little League, starting with T-ball. They had SO much fun and cried when it was over. They cheered for the Mariners during their sad season and cried again when that ended as well. J I feel like these boys have grown up so much this year; I can’t believe that they are already five and a half. Time is going by WAY too fast! Dylan is hilarious, always the comedian. He is kind and playful with his little sister, and loves to have fun. Lucas is a little quieter, but still playful and fun. He loves to read, write, and create new things. I am so proud of both of them and the little men they have become.

Miss Emery just turned 18 months and has officially entered nursery at church (not that she will really go!) J She is feisty and fun, always trying to keep up with her brothers. This girl definitely knows her own head and wants what she wants. J She is fiercely independent, but still wants her Mommy around almost all of the time. She is learning new words every day, trying to copy everything I say. She may eat more than her brothers at dinner time, and push them if they are in her way. J We all love having her beautiful personality in our family, and laugh all the time at the funny things she says and does. She is adorable.

We hope all of you have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas season! We love you!
Love, The Christensen Family

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

I realized the other day that it is already December and I had not yet taken any family pictures for Christmas. Oops! So, the one nice day we had last weekend, I dressed my family up and I dragged them out into our backyard in the cold weather to get a few shots with the help of a tripod. It was super quick, but there were a few that turned out really great! I couldn't be happier with a 15 minute photo shoot! :)
Just wanted to share a few....