Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Smart Girl!

This little girl never ceases to amaze me. She is constantly listening to everything we have to say, including her brothers. She will repeat two and three word phrases at times, especially if she knows she is being funny! :) Sometimes I can't even believe how much she has learned and absorbed. 
The boys love her as well...they have been so patient and helpful, trying to help her learn words and phrases. They describe what they are doing or what something is. They explain how various things work. There are honestly times when I look at these three children of mine and think "how in the world do I deserve such wonderful and amazing creatures in my life?" I love them all so much.
Emery has started using two and three word sentences lately. I am so impressed, considering she is not yet two years old. Her favorites lately have to do with time...."lunch time!" "prayer time!" "nap time!". The new one today..."FIND ME!" while playing hide and seek with her brothers. She also loves to say "hot dog song!" whenever she wants to dance with Mickey Mouse. :) This girl is also really great with music, and tries to sing songs all the time. She also knows how to stack up her colored cups, and get them back together in the right order, and she can put all of her shapes into the right spots in the box.....amazing. And one of the most amazing things is I feel like she can do these things without me taking a ton of time to teach her. She just figures them out with her smart little brain. :)
I am such a lucky mom!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you Emery, Dylan, and Lucas, always and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The boys (and now Emery) are completely obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates TV show on DisneyJr. I actually really like DisneyJr as well....most of their shows have educational value, or a moral lesson that my children truly do grasp. So these are about the only shows besides the Mariners that my kiddos watch. :) 
The boys will sit and watch Jake just enraptured the entire time. They love that Jake is a good pirate, that he works well with and leads his team, but also goes on some amazing adventures! And the most fun part, at the very beginning of the show you get to shout "YO HO HO!" really loudly! :) Even Miss Emery gets up and jumps yelling at that part. Super adorable!
For Easter, the boys got new Jake PJ's from Tutu and Dale, and they were beyond excited. They put them on right away, started jumping up and down and doing was hilarious! Thank you Tutu and Dale!
More Easter pics to come also!
 My adorable Pirates!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She is going to hate me for this! :)

This poor girl....but I have to share. This is what I caught little Missy doing the other day before we went to go pick up the boys from the bus stop. Hilarious! She was so intent on it, she hardly knew I was photographing her! :) She just looks like such a hooligan! But she loves her brothers, and I love it!
This smart little girl has now figured out how to count to 10 as well. Actually, to about 15 though she gets those teen numbers mixed up a little bit. :) She is crazy smart this one! As we were outside playing today, her and I were counting before she was sliding down the slide. I would say "One....Two....Three...GO!" and she would squeal all the way down. Really adorable. Then of course she said she wanted to do it herself, or "self". I made sure she was safe, but had to stand a little ways away from her or else she would get mad at me for being too close. Then out of the blue she said "One......pause....Two.....pause.....Three....long pause......Four....Five.....Six.............GO!" and slide down as fast as her little bum would carry her. I loved it! Love her sense of humor and how she always brightens my day, no matter what is going on in my life at that moment. I am so grateful for my sweet kiddos. SO thankful!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I got this one Baby!

So, this week has, and will be, extremely busy for Erin, so I'll take the blog.  What to write about......I know!  Erin and I went to Chelan this past weekend for a vacation.  Yes, you read that right, a vacation.  No kids.  None.  Tutu and Dale were so nice to watch them for us, and we got to spend two whole nights in a location without them.  We love them to death, we really do, but sometimes, time away is just needed.  We headed out around 2 PM and we were going to meet up with Lindsay and Jeff.  She had found a great deal on Groupon for a Two-bedroom Suite at the Grandview on the south end of the lake.  They went early and went to some wine tasting.  We showed up about 5 PM and the place was amazing.  Great views of the lake, and we were pleasantly surprised at our place.  We went to sushi that night, and introduced Lindsay to something she feared.  And guess what?  She loved it!  Safeway for some breakfast things, and then home for some card and board games.

The next morning I 'slept in' until 6:15.  Cleaned and got things ready for breakfast.  Everyone was up around 8 AM or so.  Breakfast burritos, and then we got ready to go on a hike.  We decided on somewhere close, and went up this road until about 3900 feet up.  Incredible views everywhere.  It was clear, but the wind was blowing and super cold.  There wasn't much of a trail (at least we couldn't find one), but we had a lot of fun hiking to different rock formations, taking some great pictures, and just being outside on such a beautiful day.  Loved it.  Came back down, and instead of getting ready right away, we jumped in the hot tub.  All of us slid down this cool little slide into the freezing cold pool too!  I was very proud of myself; I went first, and I HATE the cold water.  We ended up staying in the hot tub for over an hour.  Went back to our place, and got ready for Lindsay's birthday dinner.  She decided on this little place in town, and we stuffed ourselves silly there.  We ended up dropping them off at the place, and headed over to Safeway to buy Lindsay her birthday cake (angel food cake, whipped cream and strawberries...yummy!).  A few more card games, and then we were all out.  Super long day, fun, but very tired.

The next day was breakfast, cleaning up, and a late check out around noon.  Walked into town for a little bit, and then headed home.  Stopped off in Cle Elum at a thrift store (can't pass those up) and we were home around 5 PM or so.

I had a lot of fun on the trip and it was great to just hang out with Erin and our friends.  We got to know Jeff a little bit more, and I'm just glad that Lindsay is happy with someone.  Vacations are very fun, and I look forward to taking one with just Erin soon (and never soon enough :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boys boys boys....

I am so proud of these two boys! They are amazing students and love to learn, they are sweet and caring with their little sister, and they remember to tell me every once in a while that they love me. Which is pretty darn great, because I love them right back!!!!! :)
 Dylan Malulani
Lucas Akualeialoha

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Oh boy....things around the Christensen household have been a little nuts the past few weeks. And now I am WAY behind on my posting! :)
Not sure what it is about the winter this year, but sickness has been running rapid! All the kids had the flu last week, now Miss E and I are down with a bad cold this week. I feel like we JUST recovered from the other flu just a few weeks ago! Well, I sure hope we are developing a whole bunch of great antibodies! :)
Just a quick picture of our family from Easter a few weeks ago. We had a really long, but really fun day with friends and family. We all feel so grateful for the blessings in our lives and the ultimate gift of the Savior and His resurrection. More to come....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Silly Miss E

This little girl cracks me up all of the time! I am so thankful to have her in my life, she is my little buddy and I am completely in love with her! 
Right now, she is very into saying thanks, well "tanks!!!!" after just about everything. I give her something for lunch...."tanks!". I hand her whatever she is asking for...."tanks!". I love it. 
She also wants to do everything by herself, little Miss Independent. She tells me "self....self" over and over again until I let her do whatever it is she wants to do. :) Especially buckle her own seat belt. She will get really upset if I do the seat belt for her....apparently it is super important. Also, putting her pants on by herself, and her shoes and coat. All by herself. What a big girl. :)

 These are a few of her Emery cuteness pictures lately. The girl loves chocolate. And dumping out toys to put buckets on our head. Love this quirky girl!