Saturday, October 4, 2014


Checked off my bucket list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teage and I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to the Diamond Club at the Mariners Game this summer!! Teage has some unbelievable friends, one of which gets free tickets from time to time, and he knew how much I loved the Mariners, so he decided to share! AWESOME!!!!!! We had a gourmet dinner, free candy, snacks, and anything else we wanted, and sat in the FRONT ROW at the stadium, literally right behind home plate!!! I didn't want the game to ever end, and now I am spoiled forever more!!!!!
I was just a little excited about this....can you tell????!!!!!!!


Had so much fun with this handsome man!!!!

Boys Birthday Party!

These adorable boys decided they wanted a flag football party this year (They turned the big 7 in June)! Since I don't know much about flag football, or football in general, Teage had to take this one on a bit! I did the yummy stuff, and he took care of the football, and it turned out great! The boys were so excited to invite some of their best buddies from school, church, and baseball, and they split into two teams and had a fabulous time together. I was so thankful that all of them got along so well, and played as such good sports. These little guys are so adorable!!!! And they will probably hate me for saying that....."MOM! We aren't adorable! We are macho football players!"
I can't believe my little buddies are already 7 years old. They are such blessings in my life, I truly thank Heavenly Father every day for them and their sweet spirits!

 The other amazing thing about these boys, they are extremely generous. We had been talking lately about children and adults who have a lot less then we do. We have a friend at church who is doing his eagle scout projects right now and collecting clothing, food, and hygiene items for homeless families. The boys thought his project was pretty cool, and wanted to help. So they decided that instead of presents this year, they were going to ask their friends to bring food and hygiene items instead. They gave ALL of their "presents" to Joe, our eagle scout, for his project, and felt wonderful about it. I was so proud of them, extremely. What a mommy moment for me. I love these guys....

Love these macho faces!!!!!