Monday, May 20, 2013

We Love WA!

I have been so thankful lately regarding where we get to live. I know people complain about how rainy Washington can be, and there are plenty out there that do not like the gloom in the winter. But I have to tell you, the spring and summer times here are the most gorgeous around. I absolutely love looking out my window in the morning, seeing the beautiful sunshine off of the trees and mountains, the birds chirping, and the quiet and peaceful surroundings. The sunsets are amazing as well!! I love the beauty that is all around us!
Here are some pictures from the other night....gorgeous!! We also love our new homes' location. We have an amazing view of the valley below, and it is so quiet around here as we are at the end of the road. Can't beat it!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chelan Get-A-Way!

We mentioned in a few previous posts that Teage and I were able to go on a weekend get-a-way with my best buddy Lindsay and her boyfriend Jeff, a few weeks ago. We were only in Lake Chelan for a few days, but we had an absolute blast! We were also able to celebrate Lindsay's birthday while there, which was an extra special treat!
The four of us did not do anything super over the top during the weekend, but what we did, we had a ton of fun doing. We went on a fun hike/exploration of the hills above Lake Chelan, we went out to dinner and tried some brand new foods, we played cards and games until we could hardly keep our eyes open anymore, and we soaked in the amazing ginormous hot tub at the hotel for hours! :) We even tried the hotel's crazy slide into their pool, even though it wasn't heated and we all just about froze our mullies off! It was definitely a fun experience!!! 
Overall, we had a fabulous weekend with friends, made some amazing memories, and were able to get to know Jeff much better as well. AND celebrate my oldest friend in the world's birthday! LOVE IT!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Last night I was talking with someone I had never previously met, and who did not know anything about me or my family. When he asked if I had children, I of course, went into each and every one of them in detail, being as over the top as possible. Of course I did, I am so in love with my each of my children. And then he asked me one more I work full time or stay at home with my children (I can go into that question in and of itself stay at home moms don't work????? I know he didn't mean it that way, but it still drives me crazy when I hear it!) All of a sudden I found myself back peddling. All of a sudden I found myself making EXCUSES for why I did not work full time outside of the home. "Well....I had twins first and what I would be making would be going straight to a daycare anyway....." Lalalalala. Oh boy. Why do I feel I need to do that? Why in the world do I need to justify the fact that I stay home with my children and am a full time Mom? Why do I sometimes feel like that role is looked down on in our current culture?
So just so there is no confusion, I would love to profess to the world (or the three people who actually read my blog):


And even more than proud, I am truly blessed. I am blessed and grateful that my husband works so hard for our family so I don't have to work outside of the home. I am grateful that I have this precious time with my children each and every day. I am grateful that I am the one they see when they get off of the bus in the afternoon. I am grateful that I am able to play in the backyard with them at 3 in the afternoon. I am grateful that I see each and every little conversation, argument, situation, with these three adorable kiddos. I am grateful that I am the one who runs my household, since I am slightly OCD anyway. I am grateful that I am the one who gets to put E down for a nap every single day. I am grateful and I am blessed. These three children and the opportunity to stay at home with them full time is the best "job" I have EVER and will EVER have. The End.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here We Go!

OK, enough of the excuses (though there have been a LOT of valid ones lately!), I need to get updated! :)
The kids have been so much fun these days. They crack me up constantly, and I absolutely love it! 
As soon as Emery started using two word phrases, she just couldn't stop! :) She is saying things like "Lunch time!", "Look Mommy!", "Look Daddy!", "Here Mommy (while handing me something)", "Nap nap time!", "Find me!", "Tank Yu (thank you)!", "Oh yeah baby!", "Bath long please!" She is just loving to talk, and that people actually understand her. She will say something funny and then just look at me like "Did you hear that mom??? Yep, that was me!" :) She is also loving music right now and wants to dance constantly. She asks me all the time to put on the Just Dance 3 for the xbox so she can bust a move. She actually does pretty well too, even for that little frame of hers! She is so smart also. She now knows how to stack her cups all by herself in the correct order, and then take them apart and put them back together. She is learning some of the alphabet and loves to sing the alphabet song. She knows what I am talking about ALL the time, even when I think something would go over her head! Love this little girl!!!
The boys are hilarious also and they think it is so great to make me laugh hysterically at whatever they are doing. They are about to turn 6 and I can't even believe it. Time flies way too fast! Both boys are reading at higher then a first grade level, and are getting really good at their math and measuring. They love learning new songs, and are the best singers in all of primary at church! We just had a Mother's Day performance where all the kids in primary went up to the front of the chapel and sang a song to the moms. The boys were right in the front row singing their hearts out. They were literally the loudest ones on the stage, and I LOVED it! We had so many people come up to us after the performance and say how adorable and fun to watch they were. And I was beaming the whole time thinking "Yep, they are mine!" :)
The other day Lucas was singing a song that he made up about went a little something like this:
"In my life all I love is to play baseball! But, what if it is raining? Or pouring? Or snowing? Oh Oh!" Hilarious!
He was also trying to read my Mother's Day cards the other day and one of them was in cursive, so it was difficult for him. One line read something like "Mom is a true blessing" but in reading the cursive he says..."Mom, why are you a June Blemming??" I think Teage and I laughed for a good five minutes!
Dylan is always my comedian also. He loves to make me laugh and thinks very highly of himself when he does so! :) He came up with a "play" today for him and his brother to perform. It was called the "Jake and the Neverland Pirates Play". :) He decided that his brother would be Jake and he would be Cubby (characters from the show), and told his brother all of his lines. Then told me to sit down and watch. It was the cutest thing ever. All I could see was him having a ton of fun, and then bossing his brother around telling him what words to say. I loved it! 
I love my three children so much and am so thankful to be blessed with them!!!!! 

 I love it when all three of my kiddos have so much fun together! :) This is their version of ring around the rosy...... :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"My Sweetheart!"

Happy 9th anniversary to my wonderful and amazing husband!
"I belong with you,
you belong with me, 
you're my sweetHEART!"

Love you!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Been Away

The last few weeks have been a little crazy for our family. Teage and I were away for a weekend in Chelan with one of my besties, then I was off on a fun trip to Austin Texas to visit one of my other besties Karine and go to the Carrie Underwood concert (so fun! I will talk about it later!), then another bestie's (Kimmypoo!!) wedding, and little league starting. Oh boy. Just trying to catch up a bit! I have SO many pictures to post!!!

Does anyone else ever feel like life is on perpetual fast forward??? :)

A fun one from Chelan! We found this awesome trunk on a hike up in the mountains and took advantage of the amazing photo op! :)