Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday Pictures

Every year I TRY to get my kiddos to do a photoshoot with me for their birthdays. Since they are all in June, I usually try to do this in the middle of the month, as close to all their birthdays as possible. I love to go to the grounds of the Seattle Temple, which is beautiful! But of course it is always the hardest to get good shots of your own children, even to a photographer!!!! My kiddos were going crazy while we were there, I can't believe I even got a FEW good ones! Oh boy do I love these silly guys!!!

Emery, age 3
Dylan and Lucas, age 7

Emery's 3rd Birthday

Our little princess Emery turned 3 years old in June. How fast this has gone!!!!!!! She had some fun with family, and got to open some presents. Overall, everyone made a fuss over her for a few days, which was fine by her!!! :) It is such a pleasure to be her mother, and watch her grow up. What a joy she is!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Visiting Dad...

On Father's Day we took a special trip out to the Memorial Park to see Daddy. I always love going to see him and talk with him for a while. It is a little difficult with the kiddos, just because they aren't quite old enough to understand why we are there, and are ready to leave after about two minutes. :) They humored me for a while, but I think I will have to go back on my own next time so I can spend some good quality time. I know that Dad is always with us no matter what, I have actually felt him really close to us on more then one occasion recently, but it is nice sometimes to be so close to where he is buried. I sure do miss him......

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

End of 1st Grade

The boys had mixed emotions about ending their first grade year at SES. They were super excited for the summer time fun that was about to happen, but they really did have a fabulous year and would miss all of their friends and their amazing teacher. Mrs Caires was fabulous!!! She is so patient, kind, loving, intelligent, and overall a magnificent role model for my kiddos and all others. The boys were really sad to leave her. And a double dose of sadness because Mrs Caires actually had to move just a few days after school let out.....all the way to Nantucket!!!! On the other side of the country! She will be sorely missed at SES. We wish her so much luck and happiness over there, but we will truly miss her. She was such a blessing to us this year. The boys excelled in their school work and learning, and had a wonderful year. I am so thankful!!!!

 The last wave to all of the kiddos as they drive away for the summer time!!!! Some of the kids were a little distraught to leave Mrs Caires!
Dylan, Lucas, and Sydney with their sweet teacher!

Boys Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This season seemed to go by in such a flash! The boys were so excited about their new little league season, and especially since they had the same coach as last year, and most of the same teammates. We even had a few new coaches as well, bringing our total to about 6! It was amazing! Some teams don't even get 2, and we had more then we could count! 
The boys had another fabulous year, of course. Their coach is amazing, their team is supportive and fun, and they absolutely love everything about baseball. My little angels put their whole heart and soul into every play, and made some impressive outs! They both swung the bat pretty darn well too, I LOVED watching every minute!!!!! Honestly, they are so much fun to watch, I couldn't wait to go to some of their games! 
At the end of every game they did a chant and cheer, and always played the game the right way. They treated the other team with respect and cheered them on as well, and of course at the end of the season they had their annual baseball party at Coach Jeff's house. Each of them got a trophy and Coach Jeff talked about how they all improved in skill and sportsmanship. We had a fabulous 2014 year!!!!!!

The 2014 ANGELS!!!!
And we can't forget the running around the bases at the end of every game, which was their favorite part some of the times! Each team tried to make it all the way around the bases with every player, the fastest was the winner. I am not sure our team lost even once. :) They may be just slightly competitive!

Sweet Coach Jeff presenting the trophies. He was so impressed with the boys this year, and their attitude about the game. I am so grateful we found him as a coach!!!!!!

Sweet 3 Year Old!!!

This summer has been SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!! But, that also means I am terribly behind on my documenting! We have been able to have so many amazing adventures this summer and I can't wait to write about them all, but right now I want to share some adorable pictures of Miss Emery who turned 3 on June 8th. Our sweet friend Lauren, who has been taking some high school photography classes, did a little photoshoot with her and it was so adorable to watch. She insisted on having her "Baba" with her, which I actually loved because that truly is her most valuable possession right now. She loves her bear, and can't go to sleep without him! And Lauren did awesome, she was a natural!!!!! Here are some of my favorite shots: