Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 2016


Christmas is coming!!! As well as the snow!

The boys second concert was a field trip! I was thankful to be able to go with the choir group to the Seattle Center for Winterfest! They were all dressed up, complete with handmade bow ties from their choir director Ms Rice (daughter of Jim Rice who I work with at IHS!)! They sang really well, and then we were able to have lunch and walk around the center for a bit before we got back on the bus. A really fun day!

Woodland Park Zoo Lights with Grammy and David!!! Dinner, looked at beautiful lights, saw some animals, and rode the carousel (Emery's favorite part as you can see from her face!). We even met some of Santa's special reindeer!

Dinner with the Congers!

Weekend in Bellingham with the Tenhulzens! Katy and I trained for the 5K Jingle Bell run for a month or two, but did not train for the icy conditions of good ol bellingham! We had a ton of fun with our buddies though....swimming in the hotel pool, out for Rocket Donuts, and lots of friend time. It was definitely too short though, we are going to have to stay the whole weekend next time!

My beautiful girl in our beautiful city!!

Emery's holiday party, and the boys choir concert at school! The whole school got to do a fun sing-a-long as well, which they loved.

Dinner with the McNames family. :) Emery sure loved one of them in particular! 

Pictures with Santa!!!!!!! Love those little faces!

Teage worked so hard on his Christmas lights this year. We were all so proud of him! He worked really hard, and even made it into the Tour of Lights on Snoqualmie Ridge this year! 

Craft making with friends, and hugging HUGE blow ups!

Bellevue's Snowflake Lane with the Fawcett family! It was super crowded, we waited for dinner for an hour and a half, and we didn't even really get to see the parade. BUT, Emery did love the fake snow, and we got to hang out with the Fawcetts for a while, so it was good in the end!

Christmas EVE!!!!
Our family went over to Grammy's house and celebrated with the entire Pfeifer family! Also one of the last times we were going to see Uncle David and Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Tom for a while. David has accepted a position within his company in New York City and leaves at the beginning of January. Linds and Tom go back to Alaska at about the same time. We loved hanging out with all of them!!

Christmas DAY!!!
Emery was so excited that Santa and the reindeer liked her snacks (she reminded me a minimum of 10 times leading up to Christmas that we needed carrots!), and was thrilled when he somehow KNEW that she needed a new softie that was the same exact color as her current one! The boys had so much fun watching her and opening their own presents. Tutu and Dale were able to be with us that morning, as well as Papa Christensen, so we had a lot to celebrate!!

Layla's 1st birthday party!!!

We found KyloRen!

Day at the Seattle Center with the Tenhulzen family! Austin sang Jingle Bells in front of a crowd (so adorable!), and all the kids stayed completely still for almost a half hour waiting for butterflies to fall on them!

Daddy is so fun!

Trip up to Ensign Ranch with our family! We had so much fun sledding, the kids didn't want to leave!!! Dylan was being a total daredevil, wanting to go on bigger and faster runs, while Emery and Lucas were totally content on the more mellow run we started on. :) The kids even started sledding down on their bums....hilarious! We even found a huge snow tunnel that someone had made and we were able to explore for a while as well!

Seattle Symphony with Grammy and Linds!!!! It was such a beautiful performance of Vivaldi's 4 seasons! The lead violin was fantastic, probably one of the best I have ever heard, and later found out that she was only 19 years old!

NEW YEARS!! We loved hanging out with our friends the Congers! Amazing dinner, fun games of Beat the Parents, Pie Face Showdown, and Telestrations, treats, and ringing in the new year with streamers and noise makers! We love hanging out with our buddies!
Can't wait for the adventures of 2017!