Sunday, January 1, 2017

June 2016


Family Fun Center as a family day!

Swimming with our favorite teacher Austin!

The boys were recognized at Joe McNames Jr's Eagle court of honor for helping him with his final project. It was a really amazing day!

Love these faces!

Hanging out with sweet Layla so Mommy can go shopping all by herself :)

Had some fans at the boys' game tonight! The sweet Lewis boys were so amazing cheering them on!

Happy Birthday Emery girl! I can't believe she turned 5 this year!!! She decided to have her party at KidzBounce this year, and bounced the day away with her favorite friends. She was in her element, and it was pretty fun to watch!

End of the year party for the boys baseball team. We had a potluck lunch and passed out awards. The boys all played catch and flyers up together, and then received awards from Coach Ben. Dylan received the "Diamond Defender" award, and Lucas was the "Livin for Baseball" award. They were so thankful!

Emery also received a medal for her t-ball season. Coach Mike gave all the kids an award and we had a few treats and games. The kids loved it, and she really did have a fantastic season.

Date with my girl!

The boys very last game of the season!

Emery's birthday party at home! It was Paw Patrol all the way!

The boys third grade class!

Look at that face!

End of the year party and last day of school for the  boys! 3rd grade was a bit challenging this year (not necessarily academically) but the boys did a wonderful job sticking it out and doing their best. I think I complained more then they did! :) This was also their very last day at Snoqualmie Elementary School, where they have been since kindergarten. They were sad to leave the school but also excited about their next adventure starting in the fall. 
We had to take some pictures of their favorite teachers over the years as well. Mr Maceldowny, their amazing PE teacher, and Mrs West, their kindergarten teacher!

Happy Birthday to my big 9 year old boys!!!! Mariner game with Grandpa Dale, then party at home complete with a ninja warrior course and presents! We also partied with our friends the Tenhulzens the next day as well! They had a wonderful few days!

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