Sunday, January 1, 2017

February 2016


Cub Scouting fun!

Visit with the Waggoner family in Yakima! Celebrated Kariners birthday and was able to have fun at the hotel pool with the family as well.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! We are so thankful for this sweet man. He is a beautiful and wonderful husband and father, and always has a smile for everyone. We had a small celebration at home, and danced the night away with his new present!

We were able to see the Waggoners two times in one month! The family came for Valentines day, and we made sugar cookies, played games, and danced all night long!

Whidbey Island with our amazing friends the Rivas'! Chelsea and I decided to have a last minute adventure the week of mid-winter break and dragged the kiddos onto a ferry!  Even though it was raining, we made the most of our time and went to a beach, searched for shells and crabs, went out to lunch by the water, ate fabulous cupcakes in a local bakery, and drove over Deception Pass on the way home to see the beautiful view! It was a fabulous day, even in the rain!

Happy Birthday to me! Mom and I started the day off going to the spa for facials, as well as Mom getting her ears pierced after quite a few years. We had a wonderful morning! That night we had a party with our great friends the Congers, as well as Tutu and Papa Christensen, played games, and danced to the new dance maker! I felt so special and loved.
Miss Emery finished another round of swim lessons and is learning and growing so fast!!!!! She loves swimming so much, especially if she has her favorite teacher Austin!

And our great friends the Southwicks came to visit after moving to Oregon a few months ago! It was wonderful to catch up, and the kids loved seeing each other again!

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