Tuesday, January 3, 2017

November 2016


Moana with OUR Moana!

Visiting sweet Layla! And the boys got ot come this time, which they were excited about!

Celebrating Veterans Day with Teage's daddy, who spent years in Vietnam. He was able to come to the boys' school for a Veterans Day assembly on Thursday, and then on Friday we all went with the boys Boy Scout troop to a beautiful ceremony in Issaquah. Papa even got to introduce himself to everyone who was there and tell a little bit of his story. It was really touching actually! 

My adorably beautiful children during their Primary Program! All of them did such a wonderful job! All of them went straight up to the microphone and said their part with confidence! It was pretty awesome actually!

AND...there is Austin again :)

Emery's Thankfulness party! They all made turkey hats, heard an awesome story about the Native Americans, and had some amazing food including turkey and stuffing! They had so much fun!

Grandma Bailey's Bizarre! She sews purses by hand all year long to sell at the Bayview Manor Bizarre for Christmas, and she is so serious and adorable about the whole thing. I even got the kids out of school early so they could come visit her, and she was beyond thrilled to see them! I am always so proud of her and all the hard work she puts into her beautiful purses!

Natalie Barnard's Fanny Pack Friday! Every year we celebrate the life of our beautiful friend Natalie by buying a few gift cards and put them in a fanny pack (she loved those) to give out to strangers to brighten someone's day. This day was pretty freezing so we didn't last super long, but we did brighten the day of a neat family who loved what we were doing, and gave some candy bars to others as well!

Fast visit to the Waggoners! Teage was able to take Corey out for a while, we had a fun lunch and dinner with the kiddos, and we also did fun flubber with the kids! The girls loved it and played for a really long time while the boys played football outside. :)

Emery's HUGE cupcake!

Night out with Kenley and Bethany and friends!!!!

The boys first choir concert!!! Their group performed at the tree lighting ceremony in downtown Snoqualmie, and they were amazing! It was pretty crowded, but very fun. We even got to go on a horse drawn carriage ride through the city! 

Decorating our tree!!!!!!!!!!! The kids were so excited for Christmas that we started decorating early this year! :)

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