Tuesday, January 3, 2017

September 2016


 Officially back to school for these little dudes! Emery was so excited she could hardly contain herself. This was a picture of her sleeping the night before Kindergarten started. She had to have her new Paw Patrol PJ's on, holding her favorite dog Zuma, and sprinkled her "jitter glitter" under her pillow! She was very serious about the whole thing!

Emery's official 1st day! I was kind of a wreck and didn't want to leave her, but she was so ready and willing to go! She didn't care at all when I left the classroom!!

The first week of school the boys did a balloon "get to know you" activity. They were just too cute not to take a picture of. Both of them focused on family and baseball....just about right! :) They also each added something from Boy Scout Camp, Dylan had his card that he hit while shooting BB guns, and Lucas his patch for his uniform.

One of our last amazing sunny days of the year! Gotta take advantage of it while we can!

Carson Tenhulzen's 5th birthday party! He had a super hero theme and the kids were so excited to be there with him. Katy bought these adorable super hero capes and masks, and all of them got to shoot silly string at hanging balloons. Hilarious!

One of our last Mariner games of the season warrants a visit to the Moose!

Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme doughnuts!! Free doughnuts here we come!

Emery learning to ride a bike with Papa C

Hike with the Dance family up to a beautiful lake 4 miles up a mountain near Snoqualmie Pass. The kids did amazing! Emery went about half way and then had Teagers carry her the rest of the way up, which was difficult for him. :) The boys were rockstars. And all of them were amazing on the way down. It was a cold day, but the views were gorgeous, and we had a great time with the Dance family!

Emery eating her favorite sushi....salmon!!!

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