Monday, January 2, 2017

August 2016


As members of the Mariner kids club, the kiddos have the opportunity to have an on the field experience during batting practice every season! Every year we are there, they tell us the same thing, to please don't bug the players about autographs! They are working right then, but if they decide to come over and sign something, then great. But please don't ask them for any. So, I reminded the kiddos about this again this year so they wouldn't be disappointed when they didn't get any autographs. :) And of course, this year, they got 6 different players, including FELIX!!!! 
The others were: Kyle Seager (my fav), Nick Vincent, Nori Aoki, Chris Ianetta, and Charlie Furbush!

Teage's cousin Jenna's wedding!

Special autograph session with the Mariners! This year they got their amazing new closer, Edwin Diaz! Not only is he an extremely amazing baseball player, but he was a very kind person too!

Autographed Ken Griffey Jr poster from the Hildebrandts!

My good friend Melissa Warner and her family came to visit over the summer as well! We were able to be together a lot, which was wonderful! First we went to Rattlesnake Lake!

Then we took a TON of kiddos downtown to the Fremont Troll, and then to Alki Beach for some sand castles and playing in the water. Afterwards we rented these hilarious huge bikes where we all had to pedal together to get anywhere and had a race down the boardwalk with almost 20 children! Hilarious and definitely a day we are not likely to forget!

One last breakfast with the cousins before they leave!

Seafair weekend at Grandma Barb's house is an annual tradition for the Cannon family for over 20 years! We love watching the Blue Angels from just outside her home!

Bowling with our Cannon cousins before they have to leave!

One more goodbye to the Warners before they head back to Utah! We sure had a ton of fun with them!

Emery was a guest at Dylan and Lucas' boys scout day camp this year, and was thrilled with her face paint job!

Bean bag toss championship and Tutu's birthday party! This was the big 65 for her, so we partied hard! We even did a tournament bracket for bean bag, and got Tutu a whole bunch of Medicare themed presents! :)

Aquarium with Kimmypoo and Kai!!!

Uncle Ken came to visit! The kids loved having a fun guy to play with in the pool!

Second Chance Ranch and blizzards with our fun friends the Tenhulzens! It was such a wonderful way to end the summer months, we had a blast! The kids were able to feed the pigs and goats, ride a horse, and come face to face with a HUGE steer! 

My cousin Amy and her boys came up from Oregon for a weekend visit with our family, and for our annual Bailey family Mariner game! We had so much fun with their family! They all love baseball like we do, so we surprised the kiddos with tickets to KINGS COURT!!! Oh my goodness, I am not sure we have ever had so much fun at a game. We just kept chanting "K" throughout the entire game, got new shirts, and even saw Star Wars characters walking around the stadium! So much fun!!!

Another game with Grammy and David!

Sprinkler fun, and hanging out with Layla!

For our last day of summer, Chelsea, Kris, Laura and I decided to take the kiddos on one last adventure and ride a ferry over to Orcas Island for the day. It was gorgeous outside, and we just hung out on the beach finding sand dollars and shells, found the bike in the tree, and ate awesome local hamburgers. I love all of these kiddos and how well they get along!

First day of 4th grade for the boys came early this year! Our district decided to start  before Labor Day, so we were going back to school in August! We met Ms Coleman on Monday and started school Tuesday, and away they go! Thankfully, they have a fabulous teacher this year who is kind, smart, and professional. She is so amazing with all of the kids and we can't wait to see how much they learn!!

On the first day for the boys, Emery also got to meet her teacher for the first time. I still can't believe she is going into Kindergarten! Her teacher this year is Ms Wilszynski, and she is fabulous. She seems so kind and gentle, she will be perfect for Emery!!! Miss E took to her immediately, which I am grateful for!

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