Tuesday, January 3, 2017

October 2016


Playing around with Halloween costumes and fun playdough! 

Sunny day after swim lessons!

Dylan and Lucas had an awesome opportunity to have a toy maker come into the school and teach them how to make a fun battery operated spinning toy. They had a great time, and still talk about it today!

Grammy's birthday! David was able to come over and we had a nice dinner, cake, and presents to celebrate. The kids always have fun with Grammy and Uncle David!

Emery lost her first tooth!!!!!!!! And was the very first one in her class too!

Making some amazing magnetic art!

Emery's Halloween party in her kindergarten class!

Halloween 2016! All of us decided we were going to have a theme this year, so of course had to dress up as Star Wars! Emery was of course R2D2, Lucas was Luke Skywalker, Dylan was Yoda, Teage was Darth Vador, and I was Princess Leia. They were pretty darn excited about it! And got to party hard this year....Halloween parties at school, party at Daddy's work, trick or treating, and tons of candy!

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