Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kids Say The Funniest Things!


Dylan-" I am bad at drawing"
Lucas- "Yeah, me too. Except maybe a dot...or a straight line"


Emery and I are doing an exersize video when out of the blue she askes
Emery- "Mom, when are the farts coming up?"
Me- "The what?"
E- "The farts!"
Me- "OH! You mean the burpies?"
E- "Yeah, the burps!"

While driving home from Selah after visiting the Waggoners, we passed a skunk and Teage and I started saying "EW!!!" The boys started asking what it was and I explained that it was a skunk. Emery suddenly yells out "NO, it's my chapstick!"


Dylan and I had a really sweet conversation about motherhood when he couldn't sleep one night. Made my day.

Boys very 1st game of AAA, Dylan was the starting pitcher and Lucas was catching most of the game. I asked them what their favorite part of the game was-
Dylan- "Striking out 5 batters!"
Lucas-" Feeling the burn in my legs!"


Emery talking in her sleep in the middle of the night-
E- "No Sydney! You can't do that! It will spill and get all over Washington and it will be a big mess!"

Talking to Emery about her birthday party coming up and she came up with all the themes she wanted over the next few years!
5th- Wild Kratts
6th- Sid the Science Kid
7th- PJ Masks
8th- Sophia the first
9th- Jake and the Neverland Pirates
"Mom, make sure you put them in order and make lines to seperate them, ok?"

Me to everyone- "If you were a super hero, what would your name be?"
Dylan- "Bob!"

Emery looking out the window at the sunset
E- "Hey Mom! What if the clouds were bubbles? Wouldn't that be funny? There would be bubbles everywhere!"


Emery- "I wish Papa Parkinson were here right now"
Me- "I do too baby"
E- "I miss him"
Me- "Me too"
E- "Yeah, I sure miss him"


Emery was super upset beacuse she couldn't fly!
E- "But MOM! I really really want to! And if you have a cape you should be able to fly!!!"

The kids are all obsessed with Star Wars right now. We have watched IV, V, VI within about 4 days. :) Emery calls them "Dark Vador" and "Lucas Skywalker"


Emery is obsessed with tape! She will tape anything in sight, including her bike, a basketball hoop, anything she colors....anything!


I was fighting off strep throat for the second time in a month and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Then once I finally got some antibiotics in me and felt like I was at least coherent, I went upstairs to help put the kids to bed. While talking to the boys, my sweet Dylan said over and over again "Mom, you shouldn't have to do this! I feel really bad, you need to be resting!" What a sweet and sensitive boy he is. It just warmed my heart to hear him thinking of me. I am so in love with all of my sweet children! What beautiful souls they are!

Every night the kids want a story before bed now. And Emery insists that it has be about our family, Star Wars AND Paw Patrol! :) So every night I have to come up with a new story, and most of the time she interrupts with what she feels is the correct way to say it! I love this girl and her imagination!


Emery- "Knock Knock"
Me- "Who's there?"
E- "chicken"
Me- "chicken who?"
Long pause....
E- "Chicken, why are you in the middle of the road? Hahaha!"
"Mom, I just made that up!!"

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