Sunday, January 1, 2017

April 2016


Spring Leadership 2016! Teage and I started our own business and joined an amazing mentorship group called WorldWide. Our amazing coaches are Heidi and Jason Jarman, super amazing and fun people. They are helping us with so many aspects of our life and we are so grateful for them!

Baseball season is HERE!!!!!! Go Mariners!

Gotta love this silly girl!

Visit to the fire station with the boy scouts!

Mickey is married!!!!!

More swim lessons and having fun in the much anticipated sunshine!

Girls night out with my old college roommates! Kaitlyn, Kim, Sarah, and myself

Emery's first t-ball practice! She was so excited!!!! It was finally her turn!

Boys 3rd grade field trip to the waterfront. We learned all about sea creatures, found shells and crabs, and tons of barnacles! The boys even saw an eagle chasing after some seagulls.

Little League season has begun! We were so blessed to have amazing coaches this year. Emery was on the Red Sox, with Coach Mike as her head coach. She was one of two girls on the whole team, and didn't mind one bit. She played her heart out every practice and game, and was the cutest thing in the world to watch!
The boys had Coach Ben this year. He was wonderful and we were so thankful to have him at the AAA level. This was the first year of kid pitch and both boys tried out for pitcher. Ben used to be a pitcher in college and helped the boys with their skills a lot this year. They were the Cubs! It was a wonderful and challenging season all rolled into one, but we had so much fun watching them learn and grow together as a team! 

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