Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sayings of a Two-Year Old

Lately this little girl has been hilarious with all of her sayings! All of a sudden she has decided that she is able to speak in full on sentences too! :)

Last night while putting her to bed- "Rock rock a Mama, right now, one more minute??"

Trying to find her brother in the house- "LUCAS! Whay awe you Wucas!!???"

"Oh yeah baby!" Laugh laugh laugh :)

We love this hilarious girl!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Miss E's Party

Wow, so I just realized that I pretty much had already written the blog post below, at a different date. Oh well, at least Miss E will know she is loved!
Emery's birthday was pretty low key this year. We knew that was the way to go with her though, as having a big party would just completely overwhelm her. We just kind of celebrated with all of our family at different times, and she felt really loved all the way through. It was pretty wonderful honestly. She had a ton of fun with everyone, and we didn't have to plan a huge party! Win Win! :)
 Miss E with the HUGE stuffed bear that Grammy gave her for her birthday! She pretty much doesn't let it out of her sight for long now, and gets really mad if her brothers try to play with it! It is HER "big baba!"

 Dylan wrote this on her present....pretty much the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
 The flower cake attempt!
 We got Emery her favorite meal for her birthday, which of course the boys loved too. McDonalds hamburger and french fries. What is the world coming to????!!!! :)

 Playing with Tutu and Dale!
 Trying out her new swing that Teage and I got her for her birthday. She ADORES that thing!

Hanging out with Papa Christensen as well. She is such a lucky girl to have so many family members around!

Miss E Turns 2!!!

Sometimes as a parent you just want time to slow down. No more growing, no more getting big, just stay this size for a long long time! Of course, my wish is not going to happen, so I try really hard to cherish each and every day, and stage with my kiddos. 
Emery just turned two last month......2!!!!!! That just boggles my mind. I honestly feel like it was just yesterday when she was a colicky, crying, poor little newborn that I had to carry around in my sling every day. Part of that is still true....she does not like to be away from mommy for more then a few minutes most of the time, and does not like anyone else to put her down for her nap or bedtime. :)
This little girl is such an independent one though, as long as she isn't around people she doesn't know or trust. She pretty much rules the roost around this house, and definitely gets her point across to me, Teage, and her brothers. She knows what she wants, and will explain it to you in her adorable voice until you understand what she wants too! :) This girl is a spitfire, but I wouldn't want it any other way!
Some of her favorite sayings lately-
"Mom, don't want to!"
Picking up her pretend phone and saying "Hi Daddy....love you....bye!"
"OH YEAH BABY!" very enthusiastically
"Self!" with just about anything!
She also loves the alphabet and can sing pretty much the whole song. Really she loves singing in general. She is really good with the songs we sing at nighttime before bed. And there are times when I have to stop because she gets mad at me and yells "SELF!" because she doesn't want me to sing with her anymore. I love her little two year old voice as she tries her  best to remember all of the words to our favorite songs. Right now she is loving 'I am a child of God', 'Teach me to walk in the light', and a random one I sing to her which she calls Mommy's song 'Think of me everyday'. Whenever she doesn't want to go to bed (which is just about EVERY night), I tell her to lay down and sing those songs to her animals in her bed and she will usually settle down. :)
In order to go to sleep she has to have a very specific routine.....PJ's on, drink her bottle, brush her teeth, rock with Mommy and sing, then cuddle with her Baba (favorite bear), Baby (a little penguin stuffed animal), and softie and hold Mommy's hand off the side of her crib while she falls asleep. Definitely time consuming, but adorable as well. I truly am thankful she likes to be with me, as I know that isn't going to last forever. 
Miss E still loves the water, and gets very excited when I tell her it is bath time. She also loves her softie and stuffed animals, LOVES to play the Ipad when I let her and find her favorite disney shows, and loves following her brothers and trying to do whatever it is that they are doing.
Emery is such a light in our lives, and we are all so thankful to have her! Dylan and Lucas don't even mind having her around, and they are so protective and loving to her always. I adore my children!
Love you Miss E! Happy 2 years!!!!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kimmypoo and Ryan!

A few weeks ago my great friend Kim got married to her sweetheart, and I could not have been more happy for her!!!!!!!!!!! She has waited a long time for this wonderful man! :)
And what a wonderful day it was!! We had an absolute blast celebrating with them on their special day, both at the temple and their ring exchange and reception. We danced, we laughed, we cried, we had an overall AMAZING time!!!!!!!!
We love you Kimmers and Ryan!!!!! We are so happy and excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

 The top two are from the fun bridal shower we threw for Kimmers. We had WAY too much fun for one night!! :)

Above: All of the Sunset girls!!!!!!! :)
Below: Kimmers surrounded by all of us bridesmaids! We love her!! 

Little League Season!

The boys had such a fantastic baseball season this year! They learned a lot, made new friends, got to play their favorite sport, and had a ton of fun!!! That was the most important aspect of course! :) This year they were on the Angels, and before the season began, we did not know anyone else on the team. But by the end, the boys were able to meet and play with all of these boys and truly made some wonderful friends. Their coach was absolutely amazing....we will definitely request him again next year. Coach Jeff was truly amazing with these boys. He was so patient and kind with every single one of them, and always tried his best to teach and guide as he could, but honestly to mostly be a cheerleader for them. All of the boys loved him, which says a lot.
All in all, the boys played about 10 games against kids between the ages of 5 and 7....they were just about the youngest on their team. They played all positions, including infield and outfield, and were able to bat in just about every order they could including leading off. They were so serious about it also, it was adorable to watch. They were set for every play, and did exactly what they were supposed to do on defense, including baking up the infield and throwing plays to first base. I absolutely LOVED watching them, I was seriously mesmerized! Even Emery would sit and watch them play, cheering along for them the whole time!
What a FUN season!!!! We loved it!!!!!! Thank you Coach Jeff!!!!!!!!!!

 The boys in their adorable Angels uniforms. Dylan chose to be number 1 and Lucas chose to be number 2! Thing 1 and Thing 2!

 After the last game we had a party at Coach Jeff's home to celebrate the wonderful season. The boys had a BBQ, some baseball cupcakes, and some awards with trophies. Everyone had such a wonderful time, they were sad to see it end!!! We also made fun gifts for all of the coaches, and had the kiddos sign baseballs for them just like the pros. They all thought it was a fabulous idea! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jarassic Weed

This year has been a really busy one in terms of gardening, weeding, etc to keep up with our new yard! The first year after moving into a new home is always a busy one. :) And since the weather was pretty nasty during the winter months and the first little while of the spring, we were not able to get to a lot of the crazy weeds growing all around the house. This one I have to write about though, because it was more then just a weed, it was a JARASSIC weed!!! It was literally taller then Emery!! :)
And shout out to my amazing Mom, who has pretty much been the sole gardener so far this year! She is awesome!!!!

My Little Helper

Emery loves to help me in any way she can....she can never be left out! :) Whether it is preparing dinner, cleaning the house or folding laundry, or just getting something ready in order to leave, she is right there helping Mommy in any way she can! And though it usually means more time and effort for me in the end, I absolutely love having my little helper around. I am going to need it also once the boys go to first grade! :) 
And of course the boys love to help as well......I love my kiddos!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best Mother's Day Gift

We had a calm Mother's Day this year, but a wonderful one. I got some wonderful presents from my kiddos, a really neat Mother's Day program at school, and nice pampering from my husband, including making breakfast and dinner! We had a wonderful time as a family!
And I think my favorite present of the day....a wonderful compliment from a perfect stranger at Red Robin. Just a few days after Mother's Day I found myself at Red Robin, on my own, with my three kiddos. To be honest, I don't normally take them all out if I am by myself....I get a little anxious about it. :) But we had had a few days couped up in the house and needed a night out, so there we go. All of the kiddos were on such wonderful behavior while we were there, they all did a really great job. And on our way out, a perfect stranger came up to me and said "I am sorry to stop you, but I just had to say that your children were so well behaved the whole time you were here. I was really impressed!" 
That is the best present I could have asked for!! :)