Monday, March 26, 2012

And For My Next Trick.....

I will pull myself up on everything that I can reach!!!! Including the stairs, which makes Mommy SUPER happy!! :)

But look how darn cute I am??

February Birthdays

Teage and my birthdays are both in February, along with Valentine's Day as well, so there are usually quite a few celebrations for us. This year, however, had to be pretty low key. Teage's grandmother passed away just a few days before his birthday, so we were actually on a plane coming home from Utah on the day of. Then he went and blew out his knee just a few day after, so things for both Valentines and my birthday had to be low key as well. :) It was fine for both of us though. We had little dinners and some cake, and gave each other nice cards. :) The boys also love having an excuse to blow out some candles, it makes their day.

Happy Birthday my love! Sorry this year was such a crazy one! :)

Teage celebrating with his good friend Ty, who's birthday is just a week or so apart from his.

Me and my kiddo celebrating mine.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Proud Mama

Once in a while I really open my eyes long enough to see what amazing and special people my children are. I had one of those moments a few weeks ago, when I took the boys to the Bounce House on a rainy day. Unfortunately it was crazy inside, everyone had the same idea. I let the boys play for a while, and randomly, someone came up to me while I was watching them and asked if they were my boys. I said yes. The woman preceded to tell me how her little son was trying to get up a ladder on a bouncy slide and was taking a long time. Instead of just going by him, or pushing him aside like some of the other kids, both Lucas and Dylan waited for him the entire time, and even helped him up when they thought he was struggling. She said that it meant a lot to see other children who were considerate to her child who was much smaller. That just meant the world to me. Even when I wasn't looking, the boys took the time to be considerate and kind, helping other kids instead of getting impatient. I am so proud of my boys and how respectful they are.

Both boys are also loving to learn right now, and can't get enough of reading and asking questions. They also love to sort things, play difficult games like chess, and try their hardest to read the words on signs or stores, etc. They are also trying so hard in their swim lesson, even though the other two boys are more advanced. They will not give up. I have a lot to learn from these two!

So proud to be your Mommy Dylan and Lucas!!!

E is 8 months!

Feb 8th-

I was so excited to take some pictures of Miss Emery on the day she turned 8 months old. I have a dress that my mom kept from when I was a baby, and that I took my one year pictures in, and I was super excited to try it on little missy and see how they turned out. She is a little bit bigger then I was at the same age, so I decided to try the shoot now, before she grew out of it. :) And I have to say, she was adorable!!!!!

Some milestones and favorites at 8 months old:

-SO close to crawling....will happen any day now!

-Always so wiggly, will never sit still.

-Happy and smiley almost all of the time, as long as she is fed and has slept. :)

-Still needs Mommy ALL of the time! :)

Sometimes I look at this little girl and just can't believe she is my daughter. That I actually have a beautiful daughter! She is such a blessing in our lives, we all love her and are thankful for her sweet little spirit!

My Grandmother made this dress for me when I was a baby. I love to see it on my daughter now!

This is an adorable tutu dress she got from my best buddy Lindsay. She just looked adorable in it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little Sister

Miss Emery got this adorable 9 month outfit that says "Little Sister". I decided to ask the boys for an improptu photo session, and did get some adorable shots out of it. I am so thankful!!!! I love my kiddos and the boys are such wonderful big brothers! :)

Here We Come Mariner Season!

FANFEST was a few weeks ago, and even though it was cold and slightly rainy, we are Seattlites!! Of course we wouldn't miss it!!!!

My mom and Teage's sister Sunni and friend Stacy came with us this year and boy did we have fun. The boys were so excited to run the bases and be on the field. We tried to get some autographs as well, but the lines were so long and little Miss E couldn't wait. The boys didn't care. They were so good natured, and just having a ton of fun. Just with the prospect of being on the field was enough to take them away from the autograph line.

Running the bases at Safeco Field!!!!!!

In the dugout.....the boys were so stinkin excited. They really wanted to sit there forever!

And on the official King Felix chair, they are so excited to see him pitch this season!