Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2016

What an amazing 2016 we had in the Christensen Clan! Lots of ups, some downs, and lots and lots of fun memories together! Sure love this family of mine!
Here is a quick synopsis of our year as a family...

In January....

Teage and I attended his Fresh Consulting work party at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in Bellevue. Had the whole party area to ourselves, and we bowled all night and talked with all of his co-workers and spouses. We had so much fun!
Emery tried out Mommy's make-up!

David came over to play!

My adorable kiddos all dressed up for church, and visiting Grandma-Grandma and Aunt Cathy for dinner. 

Pre-school fun for Emery! She had a wonderful year with her pre-school pals and the amazing Mrs Hammer. She loved every single day she was able to go!

The boys worked really hard to earn multiple badges for boy scouts so they could advance on time by their birthday!
And Teage's sweet friend from Fresh Consulting, Robbie, came and stayed with us for three weeks while he worked here instead of London. He was such a fun houseguest and we truly loved having him here with us.  

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