Sunday, January 1, 2017

May 2016


The weather is getting warmer! Yahoo!

Mother's Day! I love these adorable kiddos and am so thankful to be their mom!

Fun with friends, and our first hair cut!

Mariner games and bobble heads! 

Emery's amazing playdough creations! She is getting really creative!

Preschool buddies!

Cub scout fun and the father/son campout with Daddy and Papa C!

Fun dinner with cousin Amber and her family. We loved having them over and catching up. What a wonderful family they are!

Preschool graduation!! Emery worked so hard over the past two years with Mrs Hammer. She has loved every minute with her, and we are so grateful for all the time and effort her beautiful teacher has put in to teach these kiddos. Emery was so proud at graduation, though really sad for preschool to be over. The kiddos got to go in Mrs Hammer's hot tub, had cupcakes, and then had an awesome graduation ceremony. It was an amazing day!

Annual 50/20 walk with the Snoqualmie Falls Ward. Men from our ward walk 50 miles in 20 hours, which is obviously a huge feat! And this year, two of the men who did the entire 50 miles over night were over 70 years old! Teage joined the crew for the last 15 miles, and the boys for the last 5. It was neat to see them get involved.

More fun at the Mariners!

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